LEGO® Build the Change, Aarhus, Denmark

Children and their families are introduced to the climate challenges we face today and ideas on how to combat the negative development of global warming on a 360 degree interactive screen. Using their imagination, they are then invited to build creative suggestions on sustainable solutions in LEGO bricks.

Just as we as a company are guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, each of the six weeks tie into min. one goal to help shed light on the many different ways we can make a positive impact on the planet.

246-306: Theme - Future energy (Goal 7)
17-77: Theme - Future transport (Goal 9)
87-147: Theme - Future buildings (Goal 11)
157-217: Theme – Future consumption (Goal 12)
227-287: Theme – Future water (Goal 614)
297-58: Theme - Future city life (Goal 15)