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How to build an Arctic winter wonderland birthday party

How to build an Arctic winter wonderland birthday party

With snowflakes that shimmer and icicles that glisten – not to mention the potential to build an entire nation of snowpeople – icy worlds are beguiling for young children.

So it’s a theme that makes for a really magical, and memorable, birthday party – whatever the weather’s doing.

Our Arctic winter wonderland party plan, inspired by the LEGO DUPLO Around The World Arctic set will help you create the sparkliest of snow scenes.

We have it all covered, with ideas for decorations, games and activities. There’s also some possible party favors to hand out at home time.

Starting to warm to the idea of an Arctic winter wonderland birthday bash? Let’s make it happen!


Transform the party room with low-effort, high-impact touches:

-          Snowy, cotton-ball garland decorations look like falling snow, and are very amusing for little ones to swish through.

-          Polar bear hats get guests in the party mood as soon as they arrive.

-          Paper snowflakes go down a storm. Fold, snip, and hang from the ceiling – or use as placemats.

-          Strings of fairy lights give off just the right snow-glow.

-          Bargain-store seasonal decorations are a quick-win if you’re stuck for time.


Make your own entertainment with homespun Arctic activities:

-          A snowman building challenge, using LEGO DUPLO bricks, has all the fun, but none of the freeze, of the real thing.

-          A polar expedition to find LEGO DUPLO Arctic animals hidden around the party room works observation skills – and legs!

-          Snowy sensory stations – made by filling baking trays with silver glitter, salt and peppermint extract – refresh and calm overexcited partygoers.

-          A cotton-ball igloo picture is perfect for mini crafters to make.

-          A few rounds of Find A Fish, our DIY fishing game, gets little ones working together. They can also learn the days of the week with our bonus game!

-          An Arctic-animal puppet show is a great warm-up act before the buffet.

After the big day (and a big rest!) we’d love to see how you made the theme your own, so share your photos and ideas on our Facebook page.

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