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VIDEO: Just let the kids play

VIDEO: Just let the kids play

One of the most important lessons LEGO® DUPLO® Design Director, Karsten Bunch, learned early on, as a parent as well as a designer, was that one simple function, like a window or door that opens, can be enough for hours of play for a toddler.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of information you can find on what toys your child should play with, which activities will best stimulate their development, when they should be able to do what, and what you should do to help them if they can’t.

In our loving quest to give our kids the best of everything, we sometimes end up over-stimulating them. Too many toys, or too many activities going on at the same time, mean too many things to process for a toddler brain. A preschooler is perfectly happy to start a magnificent drama just by looking at or touching a few simple things and experiment with how they can work together. They really just want to follow that story and see where it takes them. All you need to do is make sure they’re safe with the tools or materials you give them – they’ll take care of the rest.

Watch the video to hear about Karsten’s experience with “less is more”, and why you should just stay out of the way and let the kids play instead.