Small builds for big conversations: Cyberbullying

a small LEGO critter and a bigger one sitting on a couch chatting

Tools to help you talk to your child about cyberbullying

If your child uses messaging apps, plays video games or watches videos online, they might have encountered some kind of cyberbullying. Most children will really benefit from talking to a parent or a trusted grown-up about their experience, but often children don’t know how to start, or what to say. They’re not alone, many parents don’t know how to approach the subject either.

Our ‘Build and Talk Cyberbullying’ activity gives you the tools to have a relaxed and useful conversation with a child about online bullying as you tackle some fun and simple builds together.

Even if they haven’t encountered bullying themselves the activity will help you both identify bullying behaviours, and know what to do if it happens to them or a friend.

How it works

an image of a phone and a small LEGO build that looks mean

Let’s build and talk cyberbullying!

Download the free ‘Build and Talk Cyberbullying’ activity pack to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. The only other thing you’ll need is your household’s box of mixed LEGO bricks and 15 quiet minutes with your child.
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Ask a UNICEF cyberbullying expert: live on YouTube

World Children’s Day is a time for everyone to support children, so this year we want to inspire parents and care-givers to start a conversation with their kids about cyberbullying.

Join our live ‘Build and Talk Cyberbullying’ event on 20th November where two fabulous LEGO Masters hosts will be joined by an expert from UNICEF to discuss online bullying and answer your questions on the topic, all over some LEGO building.

17:00 GMT/ 12:00 ET / 9:00 PT