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Groene bouwplaat

Average rating2.7out of 5 stars
Kleine onderdelen.
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Of je nu een tuin of een bos wilt maken: deze groene bouwplaat met 32 x 32 noppen is het perfecte uitgangspunt om je LEGO® creaties te bouwen, uit te stallen, te vervoeren en ermee te spelen.

  • Afmetingen: 32 x 32 noppen of 25 x 25 cm
  • Een ideale aanvulling op iedere LEGO® verzameling!
Groene bouwplaat
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Algemene beoordelingAverage rating2.7out of 5 stars
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  • April 7th, 2020
    Average rating1out of 5 stars
    | 14-18
    I found myself needing the average normal green baseplate only to find out that it was the wrong color with no warning. I bought TEN of these baseplates to a while back for my collection. Of coarse I was disappointed, because of the color change. I find it odd all of the sudden that Lego changed their main green color to this unsatisfing green color. Not only this thier green 16x16 baseplates are like this also. I love Lego and always will, and will always be a supporter, but this time I give a big thumbs down. I say listen to the many reviews Lego and fix this quick. It has been a couple of years now and I am still waiting patiently I just decided to respond now.

    Antwoord van de LEGO® winkel

    10 april 2020
    Marine, Customer Service
    Hello there, When it comes to storing your LEGO® bricks, we always recommend that you store them somewhere that is dry and away from any heat source. It’s best not to store them in direct sunlight, or where the temperature exceeds 104° F (40° C) as this may cause bricks to become brittle or discolor over time. Please get in touch with our Customer Service on We'd love to help!
    15Groene bouwplaat
  • April 15th, 2020
    Average rating1out of 5 stars
    Not the same
    | 25-34
    These are not the same "classic" LEGO green you would expect. These do not match the old green plates that I had, I was very disappointed when I opened these.
    15Groene bouwplaat
  • March 4th, 2020
    Average rating4out of 5 stars
    wrong size
    | 35-44
    Ik zou dit aanbevelen aan vrienden!
    Product specification says that it is 25x25 cm but it is not. It is somewhere 255,5 millimeters wide. I am a product designer and this misinformation is bad.

    Antwoord van de LEGO® winkel

    4 maart 2020
    Emily, Customer Service
    Thanks for your review. We appreciate your feedback about our item description. All the measurements on our website are approximate, and are usually rounded down to the nearest centimeter or inch. If you ever need to know exact measurements, you can always get in touch with us at
    Bouwervaring: Beginnende LEGO bouwer
    45Groene bouwplaat
  • January 26th, 2015
    Average rating2out of 5 stars
    Very Disappointed...
    | 45-54
    ...not so much about the price increase, though I do think it was too much of an increase. You say you haven't raised the price of this product since 1996 when it originally came out, but that doesn't necessarily mean you need to raise it now. And it certainly doesn't mean you NEED to raise it that much. I mean... are you losing money selling it for what it was? Are you not making the profit margin you make on other things? Anyway... enough on this. The main point for me writing this review is to be critical of your choice to change the color with NO warning. At least let us have both the lighter color and the darker color for a bit and warn us that the darker color is going to go away for a bit. The lighter color (though perhaps nice for young kids) is virtually useless for collector's that are needing a 'grass' color that can be built on with dark green plates or plants or ANY kind of natural looking growth. You are going to see ridiculous prices on Ebay for the old plates now, which is VERY discouraging for me as an avid Lego collector. Please give us back the dark green plates. Like others, I did give this product a 'fair' rating because it is still a good quality product. Just a little pricey for what you get and an almost completely unusable color choice.
    Bouwervaring: Ervaren LEGO bouwer
    25Groene bouwplaat