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Make your preschooler feel like a star

Make your preschooler feel like a star

And the award for 2016’s most fun parent goes to…*dramatic drum roll* … You! At least it will do, when you and your little one build this showstopper together.

Making the LEGO® DUPLO® DIY golden statue is a great activity in itself, but it can then be used in lots of other fun ways. It’s a reward for helping out around the house. It’s a trophy at the end of an action-packed obstacle course. Or it's a simple “well done” for sticking something out.

We all love recognition (promotion at work, anyone?) but it’s especially important for preschoolers. In their quest to establish boundaries, they hear the word “no”… a lot. So it’s sweet music to their ears when they get it right, and even sweeter when they are celebrated for it. A great confidence booster, rewards can also be used to recognize effort as well as results. Developing such persistence will help with overcoming adversity both now and in the future.

You are just 12 bricks away from seeing your little one beam with pride. Add an extra incentive by asking them to build the statue in their favorite color. We’d love to see the end result, so dust down the red carpet and share it on our Facebook page.