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Unlock the power of play with UNICEF and LEGO® DUPLO®

Unlock the power of play with UNICEF and LEGO® DUPLO®

LEGO Family

Tower of Imagination is a joint activity by The LEGO Group, the LEGO Foundation and UNICEF. The idea is simple: bring toddlers everywhere together to build small towers in real life to create one big tower online. With just a few bricks and a few clicks, your child’s imagination goes a long way, and you can help your child unlock the power of play: your child can help provide thousands of other children, their parents and teachers with playful moments that contributes to a lifetime of learning. Not bad for a few minutes of play time, right?

The LEGO Group, the LEGO Foundation and UNICEF are partnering to support children’s rights and development all over the world. One of the many areas where we hope to make a lasting, positive impact on children’s lives is through supporting quality early childhood development. The LEGO Foundation works to ensure that learning through play empowers children to become creative, engaged lifelong learners. UNICEF works with governments and other partners to design and implement early childhood development programmes and policies that help young children reach their full potential - through quality early childhood care and education, which includes a focus on play.


Building together

All children have the right to play. Besides a fundamental aspect of children’s learning and development, play is an important psychosocial support tool for the most vulnerable and at risk children. Yet, many children do not have the opportunity to play.

UNICEF, the LEGO Foundation and the LEGO Group are now partnering to enhance learning through play opportunities for young children in South Africa, providing them the foundations of a child’s well-being, future achievements and life–long learning.

In addition, your participation in the Tower of Imagination will allow UNICEF to equip 150 early childhood development programmes in South Africa with LEGO Duplo materials, releasing the transformative power of play for more than 2,000 children under 4.

With your toddler’s DUPLO towers, and the LEGO DUPLO boxes donated from the Tower of Imagination campaign, you can help us reach even more children. Inspire their parents to nurture and engage in creative play. And help passionate teachers improve their skills.

To find out how you can help children in South Africa enjoy the benefits of early childhood play by building a tower with your child, click here.

LEGO Family

Zenande (in the middle of the photo), 5 years old, and her classmates have just finished a grade 0 class in the Gwebinkunda Primary School situated in a remote rural area of Eastern Cape, South Africa. Games, as well as song are important elements in the way children learn in this school by the Nelson Mandela Institute with the support of UNICEF