Beklager – Denne siden er ikke oversatt til norsk ennå.


Published on Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lord Garmadon has disappeared with all Four Golden Weapons and now he controls the Serpentine. Meanwhile, the ninja intensify their training of young Lloyd so he will be strong enough to defeat Lord Garmadon in the final battle. To gain evil power, Lord Garmadon goes to the Golden Peaks to convert all Four Golden Weapons into the weapon of creation – the Mega Weapon. Now wielding the Mega Weapon, Lord Garmadon successfully revives the ninja-hunting creature, “the Grundal”, consequently turning back the clock of the ninja. When transforming back to teenagehood by magical tea, Lloyd is no longer a child either. He has sacrificed his youth to face his destiny as the Green Ninja. The Mega Weapon enables Lord Garmadon to go back in time to attempt preventing the formation of the ninja from ever happening. The ninja follow Lord Garmadon into the past to recreate past events as they were. However, there is one significant change: the destruction of the Golden Weapons and the Mega Weapon. An explosion has sent the weapons out into space. By the four hands of Lord Garmadon, the mysterious Dark Island resurfaces from the depths. The final battle is getting closer, but Lloyd is struggling with the anxiety of not wanting to face his father. The venom of the Great Devourer, the only remaining piece of the ancient beast, turns the indestructible Stone Army back to life. The only way to defeat them is for the ninja to get their pure elemental powers at the Temple of Light. Here, the ninja get their elemental blades and Lloyd achieves the power of the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master. On Dark Island, Lord Garmadon is building the ultimate weapon, the Garmatron, out of dark matter. The Overlord enacts his plan and takes control. He will face Lloyd in the final battle. When all seems lost, Lloyd unlocks his new powers and reforms into the Golden Ninja. He destroys the Overlord and restores the balance. Consequently, the evil in Garmadon’s veins vanishes completely and from this moment, he is good Master Garmadon. But where did the Overlord go?