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    Great stories have three central components. Find out what they are in a new NINJAGO® NXT Masterclass with storytelling-guru Tommy K.! He’ll also show you how to grab the attention of your readers and thicken the plot to keep them interested. Before you submit your #NINJAGONXT story, discover how to create a story readers can’t forget! Go, ninja, go! One more Masterclass dropping soon!

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        Draw amazing backgrounds!

        Set the scene for your #NINJAGONXT story by drawing amazing backgrounds! The secret? Color and contrast! Discover more from NINJAGO® artist and designer Nicolaj M. in his new NINJAGO NXT Masterclass. You’ll explore ways to intensify the action-packed scenes in your comic strips! Ready to level up, ninja? Heads up! More fun Masterclasses are on the way!

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          Fantastic NINJAGO® creations!

          Check out these NINJAGO® creations from you amazingly talented ninja fans! Keep being creative, upload your own creations and you could be in our next video! Well done to all our Featured Users! We hope this compilation inspires everyone! Featured Users: AviateurAbricotDivin ClownishFly050 CutestSneakyCake DesignerHolografischerToaster DoskonałyReżyserLewa ÉclaireurBonezaiGélatineux FlyingSpyder042 GallantTruck039 2 GallantTruck039 GentleCheesecake050 JuniorArgRäv KaiserinSpontanesFaultier KönigImpulsivesKnie KülönösPizzaPilóta LieutenantHeroicArtist LuckyRat051 ManagerSchieferBulle MightyCragger056 PríncipeChocolateDelicioso SeigneurMelonAuthentique SensitiveAvocado054 SqueamishPelican045 TelepathicSocks012 UltimateCheetah057 YawningCabbage044 КорольЗевающийКрокодил 다재다능한뱀판사 おおらかな風船忍者 용맹한단지스승 親切なねずみサムライ

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            All stand united!

            All stand united in the epic finale of NINJAGO Crystalized!!! Jay shows bravery when he asks the Crystal Warriors to talk things through instead of fighting. Good thing he has allies backing him up when things don’t go like he hopes they will! This season brings new heroes side by side with allies from the past. It’s great to welcome back Skylor, Harumi, Cyrus Borg, Paper Kids, Misako, and a bunch of others!

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              The Ninja vs the Mechanic!

              The ninja learn a mysterious Crystal King is recruiting a council of evil enemies – including the Mechanic! Who is the Crystal King? Why is he gathering a powerful counsel? Get ready for another action-packed mission with the ninja!

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                The vehicles have been seriously upgraded!

                How cool is the golden upgrade to the ninja vehicles!? With their new Power Boost, the ninja are even more...well...POWERFUL when they team up. The Crystal Warriors better watch out! Imagine if YOU joined the ninja fleet to help save NINJAGO® City... Which skill would you add to the team? Speed? Brains? Strength? Something else that makes the squad even more powerful!?

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                  Sally’s song stuck in your head?

                  Shoutout to Sally, NINJAGO® City’s new rockstar! We LOVE her song ‘Inner Steel’, especially that part when she sings: “Dreams do come true, always believe in yourself no matter the time, no matter the place!” Which part of her song got stuck in your head? Go on, sing along!

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                    New ninja upgrades as they prepare for a brand-new, secret mission!

                    The ninja take to the road and the air for a secret mission in the new season, NINJAGO®: Crystalized. The crew are really hyped about their awesome new rides that even have special paint to avoid identification. What is the mission? And can Cole, Zane and the rest of the crew remain undetected in these superfast vehicles?

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                      NINJAGO®: Crystalized – Trailer

                      The ninja are back for another season with brand new adventures in NINJAGO®: Crystalized! This time they have been locked up in Kryptarium Prison where they are surrounded by some of their old enemies. Here they learn a mysterious Crystal King is recruiting a council of evil enemies. To find out the identity of this new enemy, they escape from prison and become fugitives. Who is the Crystal King? Why is he gathering a powerful counsel? Get ready for another action-packed mission with the ninja!

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                        The return of the Overlord

                        OVERLORD is the Crystal King! Can you believe it!?! The final challenge we’ve all been preparing for is HERE! Will Lloyd embrace the power of the Oni? Will he reconcile with Garmadon before it’s too late? And will the power of the ninja and their allies working as one be enough to protect their home? If there’s one hope, it’s teamwork!

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                          Can the ninja solve the Vengestone mystery?

                          In the new season, NINJAGO®: Crystalized, someone is moving large amounts of dangerous Vengestone across the city. The ninja are on the case and their investigation brings them to an abandoned subway line but it seems to be a dead end – or is it? Watch the video to find out if the ninja can solve the mystery of the Vengestone smugglers and get ready to go on another exhilarating mission with your heroes!

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                            Unlikely allies?

                            Even old villains can go from darkness to light when there’s a shared purpose! Who would’ve guessed Cyrus Borg would one day create powerful mechs for Ultra Violet and Fugi-Dove?! Let’s hope they learn to pilot them in time to step in and support the other allies! Grab your bricks and build the mech you’d give the fugitives.

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                              What’s the timeline for your story?

                              In your #NINJAGONXT story, how much time has passed since the finale of NINJAGO® Crystalized? Is it the next day, the next week, or sometime in the next 50 years!? A good starting point for any story is deciding WHEN things happen.  Let this story about the ninja many (many) years later inspire your entry! Did you imagine this much time passing or none at all?

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                                LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                Spinjitzu-mester Kai

                                Bli en Spinjitzu-mester med Kai! Plasser den røde ninjaen i kapselen med kastestjernene, fest til spinneren og dra i utløseren. Spinn, rull, hopp og lær utrolige triks som Ellipsen. Du kan også lage dine egne Spinjitzu-utfordringer og konkurrere mot vennene dine om å bli den suverene Spinjitzu-mesteren!

                                • 70621

                                  LEGO® NINJAGO®


                                  Bli med Kai inn i sumpen! Bruk ninjaferdighetene dine for å overmanne Rivett og Slackjaw, som står vakt med Vermillion-øks og Vermillion-sverd. Nærm deg Vermillion-egget, men pass på: Det kan eksplodere, så giftige slanger kommer ut! Her gjelder det å få tak i spolingsklingen og komme seg unna.

                                  • 71748

                                    LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                    Sjøslag med katamaran

                                    Vær skipper på ninjaenes knalltøffe katamaran for et spektakulært sjøslag i møte med vokterne! Gå til angrep med de fjærbelastede skyterne, men pass på! Vokternes mektige kampkatamaran kan deles i tre separate båter, og de vil prøve å senke dere med skarpe klinger og dødelige skytere. Dere må komme seirende ut av denne tøffe trefningen til havs om du skal få tak i den verdifulle stormamuletten.

                                    • 71746

                                      LEGO® NINJAGO®


                                      Opplev en kamp på liv og død mot vokterne sammen med Øy-Lloyd og den mektige dragen hans. Sett deg i salen og angrip fra luften! La Øy-Zane surfe til angrep på surfebrettet sitt mens han avfyrer knotteskyterne mot PoulErik og en tordenvokter. Men vær forsiktig – de er bevæpnet med ljå og dolker! Du må lede ninjaene til seier og ta stormamuletten.

                                      • 71732

                                        LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                        Episk stridssett – Jay mot serpentiner

                                        Bli med når Jay går til episk kamp mot den onde serpentineren! Beseir slangekrigeren ved hjelp av Jays lynklinge. Men pass deg når han går til motangrep med sin skarpe dolk. Spinn som en ninja på Jays kampplattform, og slå knockout på motstanderen! Hvem vinner det ultimate slaget mellom det gode og det onde, og hvem får tak i de verdifulle våpnene?

                                        • 70637

                                          LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                          Spinjitzu-mester Cole

                                          Ta Spinjitzu-ferdighetene dine til et helt nytt nivå med Cole! Plasser den svarte ninjaen i kapselen med kastestjernene, fest til spinneren og dra i utløseren. Spinn, rull, hopp og lær kule triks som Knockout. Du kan også lage dine egne Spinjitzu-utfordringer og konkurrere mot vennene dine om å bli en ekte Spinjitzu-legende!

                                          • 70589

                                            LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                            Coles terrengbil

                                            Med kraftige hjul og solid hjuloppheng kan dette mektige terrengkjøretøyet takle selv de tøffeste terreng. Når du får Steinhærens baseleir på skuddhold, kan du avfyre knottemitraljøsen og koble fra Lil' Nelsons tårn. Unngå baseleierens diskskyter. Start terrengbilens livsfarlige bakmonterte bor, men pass deg for Steinhærsoldatenes elementklinge og knotteskytende armbrøst. Fest deretter det roterende boret foran på terrengbilen for å ødelegge baseleiren og kjøre seirende fra slagmarken!

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                                              LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                              Kais knivracer og Zanes snøscooter

                                              Angrip i full fart med Kais knivracer og Zanes snøscooter for å ta tilbake ildsverdet! Men vær forsiktig ... Lasha og Spitta ligger i bakhold med en kasse med dynamitt! Sving unna eller hopp over kjettingen som ligger tvers over veien. Vipp ut gullknivene på Kais knivracer. Avfyr snøscooterens knotteskytere, og frys omgivelsene til is med iskastestjernene. Avslutt med en tornado som setter punktum for slangene en gang for alle, i dette voldsomme Spinjitzu-oppgjøret!

                                              • 71711

                                                LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                Jays kyberdrage

                                                Fly til episke og spennende slag med Jays kyberdrage, både i Prime Empire og NINJAGO® by! Plasser den fryktinngytende skapningen i angrepsmodus, og avfyr de fjærbelastede skyterne. Slå deg sammen med Digitale Jay og Digitale Nya på drageryggen, og gå til kamp mot fiendene deres: Unagami og undersåttene hans, Richie og Hausner. Din jobb er å vinne og beholde den verdifulle, gule Key-Tanaen!

                                                • 70734

                                                  LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                  Mester Wus drage

                                                  Bruk mester Wus drage for å beskytte luftklingen mot mesterbueskytteren Soul Archer med sin gjenferdhær! Dukk unna diskene som avfyres fra den besatte sykkeldrosjen, og gå til kraftig motangrep med teplantasjens raketter. Pass deg for mini-geisten med en flaske full av gjenferdgift som prøver å forvandle Cole til et gjenferd. Gjenferdninjaene trenger luftklingen for å oppfylle sin onde plan, så du må bruke alle dine ninjaferdigheter for å beskytte den! Inneholder fem minifigurer med diverse våpen- og tilbehørselementer: Mester Wu, Cole, mesterbueskytteren Soul Archer, gjenferdkrigeren Pitch og gjenferdninjaen Hackler.

                                                  • 71718

                                                    LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                    Wus stridsdrage

                                                    Bli med når helten Wu flyr til actionfylt kamp inne i Shintaros fangehull på den flotte dragen sin. Plasser helten Wu på dragens rygg, og fly av sted til kamp mot fæle Gleck for å få tak i befrielsens skyggedolk. Se opp for Gleck, han sikter på deg med armbrøsten sin! Det er superviktig at helten Wu vinner. Ellers vil han aldri klare å unnslippe denne skumle underjordiske verdenen!

                                                    • 71708

                                                      LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                      Spillers marked

                                                      Bli med Digitale Jay, Avatar Cole, Avatar Nya, Rosa Avatar Zane og vennene deres på Spillers marked, inne i videospillverdenen Prime Empire. Her kan du velge et nytt våpen, en ny hatt som forkledning og kjøpe en Key-Tana. Se opp for de fæle Rødvisirene og onde Richie på markedet – de prøver alltid å fange ninjaene. Kan du vinne kampen og unnslippe?

                                                    LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                    The Keytana Quest

                                                    Help Jay and Kai defeat Unagami by collecting Key-Tanas! Use the Cyber Dragon or Mech Jet and beat the bad guys along the way.

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                                                          Enemies old and new unite against the ninja!

                                                          The ninja learn a mysterious Crystal King is recruiting a council of evil enemies. To find out the identity of this new enemy, they escape from prison and become fugitives. Who is the Crystal King? Why is he gathering a powerful counsel? Get ready for another action-packed mission with the ninja!

                                                          • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                            Help the ninja unite!

                                                            Friends disagree sometimes. It’s good to say what’s on your mind, even if things get kinda intense! You can still be friends if you say things in a respectful way. Watch the video and think of one thing Jay and Kai could say to be friends again. NINJAS UNITE!

                                                            • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                              Who is the water dragon?

                                                              When a water dragon saves a drowning sailor, he recognizes the dragon’s voice. Whose voice did the sailor hear?

                                                              • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                Level up your comic strip shading skills!

                                                                Draw the ninja like a pro with Tommy A.! He’s a professional illustrator who draws characters for the NINJAGO® series! In this NINJAGO NXT Masterclass video, he shares how to use basic shapes to draw any LEGO® character and the secret to making the ninja jump (and kick) off the page. Whether you’ve drawn the ninja 100s of times or never before, Tommy can help you create your comic strip for #NINJAGONXT!   More Masterclass videos are dropping soon! Keep a lookout!

                                                                • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                  The secret to a great story?

                                                                  Were you excited or nervous to find out what the giant creature in this NINJAGO® comic strip REALLY was? One of the secrets to great storytelling is suspense! It can be as exciting as the most action-packed scenes. Any ideas for making the story even more thrilling? Share in a comment!

                                                                  • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                    Let this surprising story inspire you!

                                                                    Get inspired by this comic strip video about two unexpected guests crashing the ninja’s victory party! What other side characters would you be surprised to see at their party?

                                                                    • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                      Can you guess the secret behind the golden powers?

                                                                      Wait, did you spot the new Spinjitzu formation at the end of the video? The golden light revealing the ninja armed with golden powers and wings of elemental energy!?! Incredible! And it seems like only by teaming up with their allies could the ninja unlock the golden powers. But maybe not?

                                                                      • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                        Meet Blazey H. Speed

                                                                        This TOTAL legend was born the living embodiment of speed, so blink and you’ll miss her – it’s Blazey H. Speed! We’re big fans and everything, but ride with her? Err... Well, would you!? If yes, grab your bricks and build a vehicle that can handle Blazey H. Speed’s... SPEED!

                                                                        • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                          Let this inspire your #NINJAGONXT story!

                                                                          When you unleash your imagination, you never know what surprising ideas might spring out! Check out this story about Cole, a dragon and heaps of yummy noodles. Let it inspire your #NINJAGONXT comic strip!

                                                                          • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                            Teaser 1 (ep301-310)

                                                                            • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                              Help bring back the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu!

                                                                              Watch as Master Wu, Nya and Pixal heroically struggle to protect the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu from the Council of the Crystal King. The ninja cannot overpower the Council, and the weapons end up in the hands of true villains – it’s a troubling development!

                                                                              • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                                Why are the ninja in prison?

                                                                                Wait, what?!? Yeah, the ninja are in PRISON! Do you know why? Check out this video and then share your guess!

                                                                              LEGO® NINJAGO® Spill

                                                                                • LEGO® NINJAGO®


                                                                                  Enter the NINJAGO® world. Join the heroic young ninja battling against evil.

                                                                                  • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                                    Prime Empire

                                                                                    Spill det nye LEGO® NINJAGO® Prime Empire spillet! Hjelp Jay med å overvinne hindringer og beseire fiender i den farlige verdenen i videospillet Prime Empire. Klarer du å komme deg til det siste nivået?

                                                                                    • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                                      Golden Legacy

                                                                                      Er tidsportalen åpen igjen?! Det er ikke lenger rom for skurker. La oss stoppe Overlord og dragen hans!