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Under keen guidance of old Spinjitzu Master Wu, our brave young ninja are always ready to fight evil, save the LEGO® NINJAGO® world from all enemies and restore harmony.

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      • LEGO® NINJAGO®

        Can the ninja save Master Wu?

        Master Wu has been kidnapped and taken through a portal. The ninja must now use all their skills to rescue him! Can they bring their mentor back or is he gone forever? Watch the video and let us know your favorite piece of action.

        • 71779

          LEGO® NINJAGO®

          Lloyds dragekraft – Spinjitzu-spinn

          Gjør deg klar til å trene opp ninja-ferdighetene til Dragekraft-Lloyd i Den store skogens hinderløype! Plasser Lloyd i spinneren, aktiver spinneren og se hvor fort han snurrer rundt. Lloyd må være både rask og smidig for å unngå de spisse hindrene, beseire den farlige Imperium-droiden og få tak i den gylne dragekraft-kjernen som ligger oppi et kar. Du må øve masse for å beskytte NINJAGO® universet!

          • LEGO® NINJAGO®

            Amber Spiral – Chapter 4: Egon the Extraordinary

            Honestly, things were a little anticlimactic. Once Chamille and I dodged the tornado of teak tables, Egon the Extraordinary was out of furniture to throw at us. It took all of five seconds to get the wand away from him – a wand embedded with Chronosteel. “I just wanted to scare the purple one away!” he quivered. “She made my whole audience laugh at me – I didn’t get any donations tonight! Not a single cent!” “Chamille? I think you – we – owe this poor guy an apology.” “Fine,” Chamille said, kicking her feet and mumbling a pretty unconvincing “sorry”. “We really are sorry, Egon. We didn’t know what to expect from coming here…” I handed back the wand and explained our quest to him. It turns out that our new friend Egon was, until recently, a demolition expert for Znap Construction. He always dreamed of being a performer though, and one day, while tearing down an abandoned warehouse, he saw his chance. He accidentally drilled into an ancient, forgotten tomb, where he found the wand and a bunch of other mysterious relics. I bet it’s the tomb from my vision! He’s agreed to take us there tomorrow. I’m not sure what any of this has to do with my mother, but if it’s the same tomb that was in my dream then this is too much of a coincidence to ignore.

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            • LEGO® NINJAGO®

              The Keytana Quest

              Help Jay and Kai defeat Unagami by collecting Key-Tanas! Use the Cyber Dragon or Mech Jet and beat the bad guys along the way.

              • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                Fantastic NINJAGO® creations!

                Check out these NINJAGO® creations from you amazingly talented ninja fans! Keep being creative, upload your own creations and you could be in our next video! Well done to all our Featured Users! We hope this compilation inspires everyone! Featured Users: AviateurAbricotDivin ClownishFly050 CutestSneakyCake DesignerHolografischerToaster DoskonałyReżyserLewa ÉclaireurBonezaiGélatineux FlyingSpyder042 GallantTruck039 2 GallantTruck039 GentleCheesecake050 JuniorArgRäv KaiserinSpontanesFaultier KönigImpulsivesKnie KülönösPizzaPilóta LieutenantHeroicArtist LuckyRat051 ManagerSchieferBulle MightyCragger056 PríncipeChocolateDelicioso SeigneurMelonAuthentique SensitiveAvocado054 SqueamishPelican045 TelepathicSocks012 UltimateCheetah057 YawningCabbage044 КорольЗевающийКрокодил 다재다능한뱀판사 おおらかな風船忍者 용맹한단지스승 親切なねずみサムライ

                • 71786

                  LEGO® NINJAGO®

                  Zanes isdrageskapning

                  Angrip fra himmelen med Zane på sin spektakulære isdrage, og gå til kamp mot tre onde, grønne skjelettkrigere. Dragen er utstyrt med sylskarpe isklør, horn, hale og ispust! Når fienden er nedkjempet, kan du bygge om dragen til en imponerende dragekriger på to bein, utstyrt med en stor gullklinge. Du kan velge mellom to kampklare skapninger når du skal beskytte NINJAGO® City mot angrep!

                  • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                    Wojira’s trail of destruction

                    The sea serpent Wojira has awakened on the bottom of the Endless Sea! She is breathing fire, causing waves and destroying everything in her way! Who will step forward to be a hero and protect NINJAGO® City? Can you build a vehicle or powerful mech to take down Wojira?

                    • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                      Prime Empire

                      Spill det nye LEGO® NINJAGO® Prime Empire spillet! Hjelp Jay med å overvinne hindringer og beseire fiender i den farlige verdenen i videospillet Prime Empire. Klarer du å komme deg til det siste nivået?

                      • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                        Get ready to be a ninja master

                        Now is the time to take your ninja skills to the next level. You must upgrade all the crucial virtues you have learned. Be prepared to seize your moment. This is your destiny! Watch the video to start your journey to mastery.

                        • 71785

                          LEGO® NINJAGO®

                          Jays titanrobot

                          Gjør deg klar til episke kamper når Jay i sin mektigste robot noensinne går til kamp mot to farlige skjelettkrigere sammen med ninja-vennen Nya. Pass på! Knokkelkongen og Knokkeljegeren ønsker å stoppe ninjaene og angriper med en vognmontert, hurtigskytende, dobbel armbrøst med fire piler. Gå til motangrep med ninja-robotens store drageklinge, to katanaer og to skytere. Du må beskytte NINJAGO® City mot alle angrep!

                          • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                            Amber Spiral – Chapter 9: Epilogue

                            With the Original Master gone and no chains around me, I was freed back into my body, leaving me and Egon alone in the wreckage. I was disappointed to hear that Chamille bolted with some of the artefacts, but I can deal with her betrayal later. Egon helped me collect up the other relics – I know a sub-basement beneath Borg Tower that would be perfect for these. He was a little reluctant to hand back the Whirlwand (his choice of name, not mine) worried that he was a fraud without it. “Back to the construction site. Without the wand, I’ll never be anything but a fake.” “No,” I assured him. “You can be authentic. A real magician.” I hope he follows my advice. As I look at the Urn of Enmity, I can’t help thinking about what the Amber was created for. The Original Master of Amber was obsessed with taking what wasn’t his and it sent him down a very lonely path, just like my father. I think of my friends, and I’m so glad they helped me to find a different path, where the Amber can be a tool for teamwork, not theft. Unity, never jealousy. Despite all the excitement, I was sad that I’d been so easily manipulated by the Original Master of Amber. My vision seems suspicious in hindsight – perhaps I wanted to believe in it so badly that I let myself walk into an obvious trap? Maybe it’s time to accept that she’s gone. It feels like losing her again, but if this adventure has shown me anything, it’s that some things are best left in the past. Besides, I have an exciting future ahead.

                            • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                              Enemies old and new unite against the ninja!

                              The ninja learn a mysterious Crystal King is recruiting a council of evil enemies. To find out the identity of this new enemy, they escape from prison and become fugitives. Who is the Crystal King? Why is he gathering a powerful counsel? Get ready for another action-packed mission with the ninja!

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                            Møt Wyplash

                            Check out LEGO® NINJAGO® sets

                              • 71789

                                LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                Kai og Ras' bil- og motorsykkeloppgjør

                                Bli med når Kai skal kjempe mot den onde dragejegeren Lord Ras i et fartsfylt race! Plasser Kai bak rattet i den supertøffe dragebilen, start motoren og ta opp jakten på Lord Ras i sitt tøffe terrengkjøretøy. Du må fange Lord Ras for å hindre ham i å få tak i det verdifulle, blå lynet. Skjebnen til hele NINJAGO® verdenen hviler på dine skuldre! Klarer du å vinne kappløpet?

                                • 71794

                                  LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                  Lloyd og Arins ninjateam-roboter

                                  Gjør deg klar til å hjelpe ninja-mester Lloyd med å lære opp ninja-eleven Arin i de to tøffe robotdraktene. Når ninjaene angripes av onde Rapton med sine to vakter, kan du for første gang noensinne sette sammen Arins og Lloyds to roboter til en kjempestor kamprobot. Men pass deg for den skurkaktige trioen og våpnene deres! Dette er en kamp du må vinne om du skal hindre dem i å erobre den nye NINJAGO® verdenen!

                                  • 71778

                                    LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                    Nyas dragekraft – Spinjitzu-drift

                                    Gjør deg klar til å trene med Dragekraft-Nya i denne hinderløypa! Plasser Nya i spinneren, skyv den forover og se henne drifte. Hun må unngå vannhindrene, beseire Imperium-droiden med staven og få tak i den verdifulle, gylne dragekraft-kjernen som ligger oppi et kar. Fortsett å trene opp Nya så hun kan beskytte den nye NINJAGO® verdenen!

                                    • 71772

                                      LEGO® NINJAGO®


                                      Skynd deg! Lloyd er helt alene og trenger din hjelp! Gå til angrep på Krystallkongen, som har forvandlet seg selv til en fryktinngytende kentaur-skapning med fire bein og kraftige vinger. Pass deg for skapningens store sverd og de tre farlige soldatene han har ved sin side. De er flere enn deg, men du må likevel forhindre at de invaderer NINJAGO® by. Vær modig! Vær en ninja!

                                      • 71770

                                        LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                        Zanes gulldrage-jager

                                        Ta av for spennende eventyr høyt til værs med Zanes gulldrage-jager. Onde General Vangelis har stjålet Coles gulljå-elementvåpen, og du må ta det tilbake! Gjør deg klar til kamp ved å sette jageren i gulldragemodus, og fold ut vingene så jageren ser ut som en kjempetøff, flygende ninja-stjerne. Bare du kan forhindre at NINJAGO® by blir infisert av skadelige krystaller!

                                        • 71796

                                          LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                          Elementdrage mot Keiserinneroboten

                                          Gjør deg klar til et episk oppgjør mellom elementdragen Jiro og Keiserinnens gullrobot. Bli med når Baby Riyu, Sora, Zane og Jay som flyr ninja-jageren, går til kamp mot Lord Ras, Keiserinne Beatrix og en Imperium-vakt. Utstyr dragen med ninja-jagerens skytere og vinger for å sette en endelig stopper for fiendene. Du må beskytte det gule dragekraft-elementet for å gjøre den nye NINJAGO® verdenen trygg!

                                          • 71792

                                            LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                            Soras transformerende robot-motorsykkel

                                            Hjelp de modige ninja-elevene Sora og Arin med å beskytte Baby Riyu mot den onde dragejegeren Rapton! Sett dem i robotens cockpit, transformer den til en blodtrimmet motorsykkel og ta opp jakten på Rapton på sin lynraske glider. Men pass på, Rapton vet å bruke både skytere og Maktens sverd! Du må vinne dette kappløpet om du skal beskytte den nye NINJAGO® verdenen! Er du klar til å ta utfordringen?

                                            • 71783

                                              LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                              Kais EVO-robotsykkel

                                              Kjør til kamp med Kai i robotdrakt, sittende på en heftig motorsykkel. Kai og Nya må beseire de grønne skjelettkrigerne! Knokkelkonge er bevæpnet med et sverd, mens Knokkeljeger har knokkeløks og sverd. Du vinner ved å oppgradere ninja-motorsykkelen med gullelementer. Lykkes du, vil du bli belønnet med et samlerbanner for Fokus.

                                              • 71773

                                                LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                Kais gulldrage-kjøretøy

                                                Kjør i full fart til kamp mot Vengestone-krigerne på Kais gulldrage-kjøretøy! Sammen med Kai og Skylor skal du ta tilbake Zanes elementvåpen fra General Mister F. Aktiver gulldragemodus, fell inn bakhjulene for å bytte til gangmodus, skyv gullklingene forover og avfyr kanonene for å beseire fiendene. Bare du kan redde NINJAGO® by!

                                                • 71784

                                                  LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                  Jays EVO-lynjet

                                                  Fly av sted for å beskytte NINJAGO® City sammen med Jay i den supertøffe lynjeten hans! Se opp for skurker mens du vokter luftrommet over ninjaenes hjem. Etter landing kan du oppgradere og gjøre jetflyet større og mer fryktinngytende ved hjelp av gullklinger, et sideror og to kraftige knotteskytere. Neste gang du møter på en fiende mens du er i luften, kan du avfyre skyterne!

                                                  • 71790

                                                    LEGO® NINJAGO®


                                                    Reis med Jay og Lloyd på et dristig tokt hvor de skal møte Imperium-klogeneralen til kamp. Klogeneralen rir på et fryktinngytende Photac Beast, og din jobb er å hindre dem i å fange drager for å stjele og bruke dragenes krefter til onde formål! Beistet står klart til angrep med skarpe klør og spisse pigger, og du må kjempe det du kan med ninjaenes katanaer. Det er den nye NINJAGO® verdenens framtid som står på spill, og du er den eneste som kan redde den!

                                                    • 71788

                                                      LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                      Lloyds ninja-motorsykkel

                                                      Du må være kjapp – Knokkelvokteren har stjålet det dyrebare gulldragesverdet! Slå deg sammen med Lloyd på sin tøffe motorsykkel, for å fange den onde Knokkelvokteren og ta tilbake sverdet. Start motoren, og forbered deg på en fartsfylt jakt! Men pass deg – Knokkeltempelet skjuler en skyter som avfyrer skiver! Har du det som kreves for å vinne denne viktige kampen?

                                                    LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                    Want to help your favorite ninja? Discover games, challenges and a bunch of exclusive ninja content in the incredible NINJAGO® Dojo!


                                                    Play LEGO® NINJAGO® games

                                                      • LEGO® NINJAGO®


                                                        Enter the NINJAGO® world. Join the heroic young ninja battling against evil.

                                                        • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                          Golden Legacy

                                                          Er tidsportalen åpen igjen?! Det er ikke lenger rom for skurker. La oss stoppe Overlord og dragen hans!


                                                        Watch LEGO® NINJAGO® videos

                                                          • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                            Let this inspire your #NINJAGONXT story!

                                                            When you unleash your imagination, you never know what surprising ideas might spring out! Check out this story about Cole, a dragon and heaps of yummy noodles. Let it inspire your #NINJAGONXT comic strip!

                                                            • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                              Underwater Kingdom

                                                              At the bottom of the Endless Sea is a mysterious and dangerous kingdom. It is ruled over by the evil Prince Kalmaar and his scary henchmen. What skills do the ninja need to defeat these underwater villains? Tell us in the comments. You can build a supercool mech, submarine or vehicle to lead the ninja to victory!

                                                              • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                Teaser 1 (ep301-310)

                                                                • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                  The ninja return to Shintaro

                                                                  Zane and the crew once again find themselves in the dark tunnels under Shintaro. They first need to help some Geckles and then get past an army of Dark Skeletons. Above all else this will be a test of their generosity. Watch the video to find out if the ninja can escape the Dungeons of Shintaro.

                                                                  • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                    Meet Blazey H. Speed

                                                                    This TOTAL legend was born the living embodiment of speed, so blink and you’ll miss her – it’s Blazey H. Speed! We’re big fans and everything, but ride with her? Err... Well, would you!? If yes, grab your bricks and build a vehicle that can handle Blazey H. Speed’s... SPEED!

                                                                    • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                      What’s the timeline for your story?

                                                                      In your #NINJAGONXT story, how much time has passed since the finale of NINJAGO® Crystalized? Is it the next day, the next week, or sometime in the next 50 years!? A good starting point for any story is deciding WHEN things happen.  Let this story about the ninja many (many) years later inspire your entry! Did you imagine this much time passing or none at all?

                                                                      • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                        Create an unforgettable story!

                                                                        Great stories have three central components. Find out what they are in a new NINJAGO® NXT Masterclass with storytelling-guru Tommy K.! He’ll also show you how to grab the attention of your readers and thicken the plot to keep them interested. Before you submit your #NINJAGONXT story, discover how to create a story readers can’t forget! Go, ninja, go! One more Masterclass dropping soon!

                                                                        • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                          NINJAGO®: Crystalized – Trailer

                                                                          The ninja are back for another season with brand new adventures in NINJAGO®: Crystalized! This time they have been locked up in Kryptarium Prison where they are surrounded by some of their old enemies. Here they learn a mysterious Crystal King is recruiting a council of evil enemies. To find out the identity of this new enemy, they escape from prison and become fugitives. Who is the Crystal King? Why is he gathering a powerful counsel? Get ready for another action-packed mission with the ninja!

                                                                          • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                            S2E3. Double Trouble

                                                                            • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                              The vehicles have been seriously upgraded!

                                                                              How cool is the golden upgrade to the ninja vehicles!? With their new Power Boost, the ninja are even more...well...POWERFUL when they team up. The Crystal Warriors better watch out! Imagine if YOU joined the ninja fleet to help save NINJAGO® City... Which skill would you add to the team? Speed? Brains? Strength? Something else that makes the squad even more powerful!?

                                                                              • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                                Help the ninja unite!

                                                                                Friends disagree sometimes. It’s good to say what’s on your mind, even if things get kinda intense! You can still be friends if you say things in a respectful way. Watch the video and think of one thing Jay and Kai could say to be friends again. NINJAS UNITE!

                                                                                • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                                  The return of the Overlord

                                                                                  OVERLORD is the Crystal King! Can you believe it!?! The final challenge we’ve all been preparing for is HERE! Will Lloyd embrace the power of the Oni? Will he reconcile with Garmadon before it’s too late? And will the power of the ninja and their allies working as one be enough to protect their home? If there’s one hope, it’s teamwork!

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