Say what!? 10 cool LEGO abbreviations you should be using!

Don’t be confused like this minifigure snapped by our AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) Eat my Bones. Use the little dictionary below to understand what other LEGO fans are chatting about! AFOL = Adult Fan of LEGO KFOL = Kid Fan of LEGO TFOL = Teen Fan of LEGO MOC = My Own Creation, a term to describe any unique self-designed LEGO model SNOT = Studs Not On Top, a building technique in which the direction of bricks is changed by using hinges LDD = LEGO Digital Designer, the official computer program to design big LEGO models LUG = LEGO Users Group, a term to describe on- and offline LEGO clubs and communities NPU = Nice Part Use, a compliment to give another LEGO builder for using an element in a clever way SHIP = Super Huge Investment in Parts, a term to describe a very large LEGO creation RLFM = Recognized LEGO Fan Media, meaning blogs, magazines and news sites around LEGO bricks What’s your favourite LEGO word? Tell us in the comments below!

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