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This LEGO® DUPLO® DIY build is just too adorable!

This LEGO® DUPLO® DIY build is just too adorable!

Nothing turns a serious and sensible grown-up to mush quicker than a baby chick. The itty-bitty beak! The snuggly-wuggly fur! That teeny-weeny cheeping! If a baby chick can do this to a full-blown adult, just imagine the reaction from your child when you build our DIY chick together.

Kids feel a natural affinity with baby animals. Unthreatening, soft and cuddly, preschoolers are fascinated to discover something smaller than themselves. Baby animals unconsciously bring out a child’s caring side, and let them practice being responsible for something else. This activity is great then, if you are considering a family pet. 

Yet this chick is not alone – it comes complete with an egg too. That just leaves you and your little one to decide which part of the build should come first: the chicken or the egg? Scientists have been battling with that question for a lifetime, but maybe your precocious preschooler will have it cracked straight away? This is also an ideal time to broach a discussion about creation. The spring chick is a universal symbol of life cycles, and as preschoolers are on a mission to discover their place in the world, seeing how others arrive on the planet adds some context.

If your LEGO DUPLO collection doesn’t lend itself perfectly to this build, don’t worry. Lacking face bricks? Try improvising with stickers. Once the cute chick has hatched, share your pictures on our Facebook page. And if your little one has a theory on what came first, chicken or egg, share that too.