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Cool cellphone toy for toddlers

Cool cellphone toy for toddlers

Please answer yes or no to the following: 
A) Does your little one love playing with your cellphone? 
B) Has your little one ever accidentally rung your friends and family, leaving a 20-minute long message?
C) Has your little one ever hidden or, whoops, accidentally broken your cell?
If you have answered yes to one or more of the above, this LEGO® DUPLO® DIY build is for you.

Cellphones and preschoolers do not a happy match make. In the wrong hands, cells get manhandled, mucky, and misdialed. Yet preschoolers, particularly younger ones, think cellphones are a must-have item. 

With this DIY build, your little one still gets the positive benefits of phone play without the aforementioned drama. From a social perspective, it’s a way for your little one to practice both talking and listening, as well as role-playing as an adult. From an academic perspective, the DIY keypad boosts number recognition and sequencing skills, as well as introduces your little one to the world of technology. 

If you don’t have the exact bricks needed, make the call to improvise. If, for example, you’re lacking number bricks, use stickers to add them on. Oh, and before you hang up, share pictures of your little one’s cells on our Facebook page.