Dom's Dodge Charger

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LEGO® Technic version of Dom’s Dodge Charger

Makes the perfect display gift for any car or Fast & Furious enthusiast.

A grand collectible for Fast & Furious fans

Designed in collaboration with Universal Studios and Dodge, this LEGO® Technic building kit is packed with cool features.

LEGO® Technic™ Dom’s Dodge Charger

Create a cool display piece

Use the iconic wheelstand bar to display the model.

Bring the model to life

Realistic details include V8 engine with working pistons.

Ideal for Fast & Furious fans

Features authentic details just like the real car.

A rewarding building challenge

With 1,077 pieces, this awesome set provides an immersive building challenge for LEGO® Technic fans.

Make an impressive display piece

Perfectly sized to create an awesome display piece to show off in the sitting room, garage, office or home theatre.