Play Day for children

children reaching for LEGO bricks from a big pile

We believe that every child has the right to play and we are committed to reaching as many children as possible through the power of play.

2019 marked the first LEGO Play Day for children where hundreds of children in need of play were invited to come along with their families for a day full of play.

Children playing outside
Our first LEGO Play Days for children were held at our factories in Billund, Denmark, and Nyíregyháza, Hungary. In Denmark, we worked with children’s charities Kids Aid and Save the Children and invited 1,200 of the most deprived children from across the country to attend a day full of free play for the whole family.
employee playing at play day
With 60 LEGO employee volunteers as hosts, it was the biggest event ever for Save the Children in Denmark and the largest on-site event we have ever hosted at the LEGO Group in Denmark.
kids playing with six bricks
In Hungary, 820 children from local schools and children’s homes participated. The LEGO factory played host with Play Day tents and lots of fun activities.