Children having fun at a LEGO RE:CODE session
Using LEGO Education products, RE:CODE events host hundreds of children who participate in activities that deepen learning on real-world themes while helping to boost 21st-century skills. The events are fun learning environments that steer children toward STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) subjects while inventing, creating and coding robotic models that solve real issues, mostly around sustainability.

RE:CODE themes

  • Children working with an iPad


    Children learn about recycling by building and coding robots that can pick up trash and deposit it at a recycling plant. They experiment with programming by making their robots move around a grid and collaborate with others to improve their design and code.
  • Children working with air pollution challenges

    Air pollution

    Children learn essential coding and programming skills, as well as critical skills such as communication and problem-solving, to explore the future of electric vehicles. They experiment with robots to find innovative ways to reduce air pollution and lessen our impact on the environment.
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    Water pollution

    This challenge has children designing and building robots that scoop pollution out of water, for example from the River Thames in London. They program the robots to move around a grid, collecting trash and depositing it in a safe place.
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    Wildlife conservation

    In the wildlife conservation activity, children build animals and program them to move and react to different objects and situations. The aim is to help them understand how urban animals live in cities by exploring the challenges they have, such as light pollution and noise.

Type of RE:CODE programs

  • Children working in groups to program

    RE:CODE the City

    RE:CODE the City are larger-scale events held together with municipalities and local or global partners. They are 90-minute sessions focusing on a real-world theme linked to the location in which they take place so that children understand the local impact. This part of the program was launched as RE:CODE London in 2017 in collaboration with the Mayor of London’s education team.
  • A tiny robot made from LEGO bricks

    60 Minute RE:CODE

    These 60-minute STEAM-based exploration session workshops are open-source and will be available to download soon. Perfect for short local community engagement sessions.
  • A mars rover made of LEGO bricks


    BE:SPOKE are customized RE:CODE sessions. We create bespoke content for our partners that fits into their existing programs, either internally or externally. A great example of this is the sessions we’re running with the Natural History Museum in London’s education program, where children are given their mission by Museum scientists themselves. BE:SPOKE is perfect for longer-term partnerships within institutions or non-profits.