From bottles to bricks

a blue banner with a picture of bottles and a grey brick

Attention plastic bottles!

Feeling empty? We get it, but life doesn’t have to be trash! Join us and start over as one of the prototype LEGO bricks we’re currently developing using recycled plastic from bottles. Because bottles deserve better.
a colorful fantasy factory machine

Bricks from sustainable materials by 2030

That’s our commitment. Developing prototypes made from plastic bottles is just one of the things we’re doing to get there. Join us, bottles!

Don’t take our word for it…

Let’s hear from some of the plastic bottles who are living happy new lives as prototype LEGO bricks.
A gray brick surrounded by green bricks and a pink sad face
“I was abandoned for so long that I didn’t know who I was. Now I’m Sir Dino Von Disco!"
A close up of a gray brick with green bricks around it
“I used to get scratched around the garden by cats. Look who’s purring now!"
A gray brick on a black baseplate
“I was thrown from a car and left on the road. Now I AM a road!"
Bricks on a conveyor belt

Inside our development lab

Have a peek behind the scenes and find out exactly how you’ll be transformed from a plastic bottle into a prototype LEGO brick.