Pixal is an acronym for Primary Interactive Xternal Assistant Life-Form. When the ninja visit Borg Tower, they meet Pixal, who is Borg’s android assistant (it took 16 versions for Borg to create the Pixal we know today). She was briefly taken over by the Digital Overlord, during which time she helped to manufacture an army of Nindroids based on Zane’s design. From the beginning, there was mutual fascination between her and Zane, as they shared similarities as well as differences. Badly damaged after a battle at the Storm Farm, Pixal was saved when Zane shared half his power core with her - his heart, you might say. From then on, she became an ally of the ninja and very close to Zane. Later, Zane and Pixal were captured and held hostage on Chen's Island. When Zane found her cell, Pixal had been reduced to only spare parts and a face on a monitor. Zane put her neural drive into his processor, making Pixal a part of his artificial intelligence.