2018 Responsibility Report

At the LEGO Group, we're committed to playing our part in helping to build a sustainable future, and through the power of play inspire the children of today to become the builders of tomorrow. Play helps all of us imagine and create a better, brighter world for children to inherit.

Play is powerful

We know that play is vital to every child’s development. When children play, they learn to solve problems, to be creative, and to become resilient. It helps them thrive in a complex and challenging world. The great and powerful thing about play is that children can build valuable life skills while they have fun. In 2018, we continued to grow our level of engagement with children around the world, inspiring them with fun and exciting activities designed to support learning through play.

Did you know?

The name 'LEGO' comes from the Danish phrase *LEg GOdt', which means 'play well'. Play is what we're all about - it's even in our name

Supporting children affected by conflict

To help the millions of children affected by the Rohingya and Syrian crises, the LEGO Foundation awarded $100 million to Sesame Workshop and their efforts to bring the power of learning through play to children in need. The grant will benefit some of the world’s most vulnerable children and help transform the way the humanitarian system serves children affected by crisis in early childhood. Working in partnership with the international development organisation BRAC, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and New York University’s Global TIES for Children, the grant will aid refugee children in Bangladesh, Jordan and Lebanon.

Did you know?

The LEGO Foundation owns 25% of the LEGO Group, and every year a portion of the profits generated from the sale of LEGO products are used to support learning through play activities around the world.

Using real plants to make LEGO® trees

Did you know that plastic can be made from plants? In 2018, we started to use green polyethylene, which is a plantbased plastic made from sugar cane that is grown in Brazil. It looks the same as traditional polyethylene but comes from a sustainable source.

Did you know?

The LEGO Group's ambition is to use sustainable materials in all our packaging by 2025, and products by 2030.

We're big fans of wind power!

We’re proud of our achievement of being 100% balanced by renewable energy, due to the investments made in offshore wind farms in Germany and the UK by KIRKBI A/S – parent company of the LEGO Group. In 2018, the energy output from our investments in renewables was greater than the energy used at LEGO factories, offices and stores. In order to spread the word about the power of renewable energy, and at the same time celebrate play, creativity and imagination, we unveiled the Vestas® Wind Turbine set, and included one of the all-new sustainably sourced plant-based plastic LEGO® elements. 

Did you know?

In 2018 we recycled 93% of all waste coming from our shops, offices and factories. As part of this achievement, 100% of all plastic waste produced during the moulding of LEGO bricks was recycled. 

Championing children's safety, rights and voices

At the LEGO Group, we strive to provide children with the safest possible products and experiences and have a relentless focus on product safety. This extends to ensuring we protect children in all our interactions with them, both online and offline – from the physical and digital play experiences we provide, to the calls we take in consumer services centres, to when we work with children on product testing or welcome them to our stores.

Did you know?

We were the first toy company to sign up to the Children's Rights and Business Principles, developed by the United Nations Global Compact, Save the Children and UNICEF. We use these as a guiding framework to assess our operations and entered into a global partnership with UNICEF in 2014.