In partnership with WWF

Pandas made from LEGO bricks
Since 2014, we have been part of the Climate Savers Programme, WWF’s global platform that engages business and industry on climate and energy. The intention of the program is to inspire a change in the way companies think about climate solutions. Together with WWF, we have set ambitious targets to ensure more sustainable means of producing LEGO® play experiences.

By 2020, we have made commitments to

We have always met or exceeded all the climate targets set through the WWF partnership, and we intend to continue to do so.
LEGO fantasy creature
Targets already met include balancing 100% of energy use with renewable sources by investing DKK 6 billion in two offshore wind farms; research and development into sustainable materials to make LEGO® bricks, and improving the energy efficiency of producing LEGO bricks by more than 12% per brick.