41190 Emily Jones and the Eagle Getaway

    • LEGO Elves - 41193 Aira & the Song of the Wind Dragon - Aira and Lumia are flying on Cyclo the Guardian Wind Dragon that is under attack by a evil shadow bat that tries to steal the magic Wind diamond.


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      レゴ® エルフの魔法の世界へようこそ。エミリーはおばあさんの庭で、魔法の扉を見つけたよ。扉のさきは、異世界で、そこで見つけた木の上の隠れ家に迷いこんだ。エミリーと一緒に要請の世界の探検にでかけて、火の妖精アザリと大地の妖精 ファランを見つけましょう。ファランが魔法のはしごでおりてきたよ。彼の家へエミリーを案内しよう。にんじんスープを作りながら、エミリーを人間の世界に戻す方法はないか相談しよう。よかった、妖精たちがエミリーに力を貸してくれるって!ツリーハウスの上にいるファランの相棒、ヒョウの子”エンキ”にも食事をあげましょう。さあ、水と風の妖精に会いに行きましょう。人間世界に戻るには彼女たちの力も必要よ!3体のミニドールフィギュア(エミリー・ジョーンズ、火の妖精/アザリ・ファイヤーダンサーと地の妖精/ファラン・リーフシェード、ヒョウの子エンキ付き。

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      風の妖精アイラ と空飛ぶソリを組み立てましょう!2頭のペガサスがひくそりにのり、空高くのぼったら、風のカギを探し出そう。エミリー を人間の世界に戻すために、魔法のカギを見つけてね。おやつのクッキーを持って冒険へ出発、アイラと火の妖精アザリといっしょに魔法の地図にしたがって、空に浮かぶ古代の風車をめざしましょう。最後のカギは赤ちゃんドラゴン・ミクが持っているよ。妖精たちはカギを手に入れられるかな?アイラが風をおこし、クッキーを吹き飛ばしてミクをおびき寄せているすきに、カギを手に入れよう。風の妖精/アイラ・ウィスパーウィンドと、火の妖精/アザリ・ファイヤダンサーのミニフィギュアと、赤ちゃんドラゴンのミク、、スターシャインとルーファスの2頭のペガサスが付き。

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    • LEGO Elves - 41196 The Elvenstar Tree Bat Attack - A huge bat tries to attack the tree house where the elves can gaze at starts with the telescop, slide down to look at the waterfall, practice with the crossbow and discover a hidden portal.


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    • LEGO® Elves

      Part 3 – Webisode 25: Teamwork

      Cronan charms Emily Jones into taking a trip down the river in Naida’s Gondola. Sophie has a bad feeling about this guy and acts fast to keep an eye on him. As their trip takes an unexpected turn, they need to work together to find their way back. But can they trust Cronan?

    • LEGO® Elves

      Part 3 – Webisode 26: Sophie’s Point of View

      There was a time when Sophie Jones thought the worst thing in the world was to have Emily babysit her. Now she would give anything to be with her sister. She fears for Emily’s life at the hands of the evil Goblin King. Can Sophie keep the amulet safe? And what will the Goblin King do when he finds out Emily doesn’t have it?

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      Part 4 – Webisode 4: The Lights

      Emily Jones and the Elves set out to find someone who can help Azari get her fire magic back. But they’re being followed by a ginormous something! It turns out to be Lumia, the Guardian of Light. She’s a shapeshifter! She wants to help Azari, but she can’t. The Fire Lion – the Elemental Guardian of Fire – has been captured. All fire magic has vanished from Elvendale! And now Lumia fears for the safety of the other Elemental Guardians… Could this have something to do with Emily’s vision? And who are the Elemental Guardians? What is myth, and what is real?

    • LEGO® Elves

      Part 3 – Webisode 20: Evil Apprentice

      Ragana is looking for a super baaaad, evil apprentice to help her out with the odd evil jobs around Elvendale. But is the Goblin King too evil to be her apprentice? He definitely has ambitions of his own…

    • LEGO® Elves

      Part 3 – Webisode 23: How to Build a Sweet Ride

      Aira makes a tutorial video as she builds a fantastic Fire Chariot for Azari, a getaway Gondola for Naida, and a very advanced Airship for herself, to help them track down the goblins. As always, anything is possible with a little borrowing, magic, and the help of her friends.

    • LEGO® Elves

      Part 4 – Webisode 3: Relight My Fire

      Emily Jones manages to get her broken amulet working just long enough to make it through the portal to Elvendale. Her instincts were right. Something is wrong – with Azari the fire elf! She is cold as ice and has lost all her powers! She feels weak and helpless. Emily and the other elves try to comfort her. What are they going to do? Who can help Azari? Meanwhile, Farran makes friends with a mysterious new creature…

    • LEGO® Elves

      Part 3 – Webisode 24: Dragon Tale

      Tidus may call himself the Dragon Whisperer, but he still has a thing or two to learn about getting baby dragons to go to sleep. Maybe Emily Jones and Sophie can teach him a trick or two – if he can stay awake long enough to take notes!

    • LEGO® Elves

      Part 3 – Webisode 33: The Final Battle

      Emily Jones, Rosalyn and the Elves prepare for the final battle against the Goblin King. It’s time to rescue Sophie and save Elvendale and the human world! They have all their potions ready, but in the end, they will need a much stronger magic to defeat Cronan!

    • LEGO® Elves

      Part 4 – Webisode 15: The Shadow World, Part 3

      In the final epic battle in the Shadow World, Emily Jones, Lumia, and the four elves are under attack by Noctura’s dark magic creatures. They only have moments left to defeat Noctura, regain their magical powers, and save Elvendale. With Lumia’s powers, will it be enough to defeat Noctura? Can Noctura be turned towards the light once more? Victory may come at a cost no one ever expected...