Robots for Kids
Robots for Kids

What is a Robot and why should Kids learn to program one?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “robot”? Is it a humanoid figure with near-human intelligence that can carry out human-like tasks? Is it an assembly machine in a production line? A space rover? And how can you help your kids learn how to program a robot if you’ve never tried it? Read on to find out!

Who likes to play with robot toys and building kits?

LEGO® robot building toys are the perfect gift for boys and girls of all ages. Even if it seems like your child doesn’t have an obvious interest in coding, their curiosity will almost certainly be sparked once they get the chance to build a robot of their own.

Nearly any hobby or interest your child loves to engage in can act as relevant entry points to robotics and programming. Whether it’s kittens, music, remote-controlled cars, science fiction gadgets, or they generally just enjoy taking things apart to find out how they work and put them back together, your child can be inspired to create a robot that reflects their unique personality and interests, with speech, songs, sounds, lights, movements and interactions.

Five Walking, Playing, Driving, Building, and Meowing Robots in one!

The LEGO® BOOST Creative Toolbox is a fun and colorful 5 in 1 robot programming toy set. From beginners to experts, kids ages 7-12 can build and program their own personal talking, interactive robot friend, Vernie, a cool M.T.R.4 (Multi-Tooled Rover 4), the hit making Guitar4000, Frankie the Cat or the AutoBuilder building line.


受賞歴と高い評判を誇るレゴ® エデュケーションが、初めて手掛けた家庭学習ラインナップ。レゴブロックとプログラミングツール、そして学習をサポートする補助レッスンプランを使い、ワクワクするような遊びを通してお子さまのコミュニケーション力・創造力・客観的思考力といったスキルを大きく育てます。




What’s the best LEGO® robot toy for your child?

Some of the most popular LEGO robots are LEGO BOOST for girls and boys ages 7-12 and LEGO MINDSTORMS for ages 10+. Both are sets kids can start building regardless of their skill level and they can continue building loooong into adulthood. After all, you don’t stop playing because you get older, you get old because you stop playing! So what do you get with each of these sets?

レゴ®ブースト - 初心者から上級者まで

レゴ®ブースト クリエイティブ・ボックスは、組み立て説明書に従ってカラフルなブロックやパーツを組み合わせ、5種類のロボット(ロボットのバーニー、子猫のフランキー、ギター4000、ブースト車、ブロック組み立てマシン)がつくれます。また、レゴ®ブーストをより一層楽しんでいただくために、自由に乗り物や動物、生き物などのロボットをデザインできるような、数々のフレームワークモデルを無料のレゴ®ブースト専用アプリ内で紹介しています。アプリのプログラミングブロックは、どのモデルでも機能します。このアプリには、ちょっと手強いプログラミングチャレンジも含まれ、ご家族やお友だちと一緒に様々な工夫を凝らしながら、楽しく問題解決能力や創造力を伸ばすことができます。

All about the app

Make your robot walk, talk and do almost anything, with just a few taps on your device. The latest LEGO® MINDSTORMS® set comes with a brand new, free companion app, from which you can control your robot. To help you get to grips with the system, the app features more than 50 fun coding activities to complete. After mastering them, the possibilities for play are endless… Whatever device you own, you can download our app by clicking on the relevant buttons below.

Need help with LEGO® robot toys?

Does your robot have a screw loose? Have you lost your building instructions? Do you have questions about a function, app, or element of your LEGO® BOOST or LEGO MINDSTORMS® set? Your friendly, non-robotic LEGO® customer service staff is happy to help!

Learning STEM is Child’s Play!

Find out how kids of all ages can learn about STEM with LEGO bricks, robots and a healthy portion of curiosity.