Welcome to the LEGO Group

Congratulations and welcome on board! We hope you are as excited as we are that you're joining us!

When the time is right we know you’ll want to let everyone know you’re joining the team. To help, we’ve created some fun animations and pictures that you can use to share on LinkedIn and social media.

There are lots to choose from so pick the one you like from the selection below, hit the download button and then right-click and ‘save as’ to save it locally. You’ll then be able to create a post, upload your animation or image to tell your friends, family and your network your exciting news.

Creating your post

When creating your post on LinkedIn make sure you tag the LEGO Group or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you can tag LEGO Careers. And don’t forget to include our hashtags → #JustImagine, #OneLEGOTeam and #BehindTheBricks.

It is super important that we protect our brand name so please remember that in your post you are joining the LEGO Group, not LEGO. 😉