Man standing next to LEGO model of unikitty

Vladimir Golubev

Based in Russia

Vladimir Golubev is the first official LEGO® Certified Professional (LCP) in Russia. Vladimir was studying for Economics and work in cellular company for years. But in 2013 he decided to change his life and opened the first permanent LEGO Exhibition with iconic sets and his creations in Russia, St-Petersburg. It attracted many visitors from Russia and other countries. Exhibition was opened until 2019. He is now a full-time artist working exclusively with LEGO® bricks in St-Petersburg, Russia.

Нe has extensive experience in arranging LEGO events and Exhibitions. He took participation in different activities, designed and made mosaics for LEGO stores opening events in Moscow and worked with LEGO Education. Vladimir was LEGO Ambassador from 2013 till 2018

Vladimir specializes in building architectures, mosaics, dioramas as well as other artistic LEGO masterpieces. He also accepts commission works.