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Ryan McNaught

Ryan ‘The Brickman’ McNaught, based in Australia is the only LCP in the Southern Hemisphere. Prior to becoming an LCP Ryan was a Chief Information Officer, which led him to create a Airbus A380 model incorporating LEGO® MINDSTORMS technology that brought him to the attention of LEGO®.

Ryan and his team
specialises in making interactive models and cutaways as well as record-breaking LEGO® creations including life-sized cars, motorcycles and the tallest LEGO® model in the southern hemisphere, a 7.5m tall rocket with lights and sounds. He has put together 5 globally touring LEGO® model exhibitions and his creations have been displayed all around the world. Ryan has won many awards for his models and takes great pleasure in sharing his work with others.

Ryan’s work has included: architectural models, corporate signage, mosaics, engineering models and sculptures. Ryan is only too happy to accept commissions for truly unique creations.

Website: www.thebrickman.com
Email: thebrickman@thebrickman.com