picture of a man holding LEGO set

Hasan Jamal

Based in United Arab Emirates

Hasan recalls receiving his first LEGO in the late 80s when he was 3 years old and continued playing till pre-teens. Then he faced dark-ages but with the birth of his first child in 2011 he discovered his passion for LEGO bricks again. With the nature of his job background of a financial auditor and accountant, LEGO bricks were the de-stresser. In 2019 he attended Skaerbaek Fan Weekend and was astonished to see endless possibilities of LEGO bricks.

In late 2019, he started gathering AFOLs in the United Arab Emirates to have a single platform for LEGO Community in the region and since then he has been leading the community in the region. He loves making his models with the standard LEGO bricks. His MOCs have been displayed in LEGO Certified Stores in Dubai.

Hasan is based in the United Arab Emirates but accepts commissions from all around the Middle East region. He likes to broaden his imagination and is open to creative projects, events both at private and corporate levels.

Instagram @bricktechnician