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Digital Child Safety must rule – especially during lockdown

Every day we see millions of young visitors enjoying great LEGO® digital experiences, and lately – with schools closed and social distance required – children are spending even more time online. It’s been a pleasure to see how much value we bring to kids and families while they stay at home, but this also means that Digital Child Safety is more important than ever, and our team is working at full blast to make our online communities both an exciting and safe experience for children at all ages.

As a Senior Engagement & Moderation Manager, it’s my responsibility to ensure user creations uploaded to our digital experiences follow the LEGO values and are not harmful to children. I’m part of a dedicated team who has decided to live up to the highest standards, and no opportunity is wasted to remind our online users to stay safe online and how to do so. With increasing online activity it’s also about ensuring we have enough capacity to moderate. We have set the bar high for Digital Child Safety – one of the parameters is that we moderate everything. We have established an internal AI platform that filters bad content away and the rest of the uploads are being reviewed and evaluated before going live.

With LEGO Life we have a social platform for children where we encourage creativity and building. It’s also a channel where kids can connect with other kids, share creations and engage in safe-by-design experiences while having fun. But these days some children are also expressing their concerns and challenges which are not always suited for sharing with other children. Luckily, we have a team that are able to support these children and guide them to help. Amazing people! They are busy just like our external moderation partner supporting our high standards.

Because of high standards and dedicated people, kids are enjoying playful moments, joy and fun in these challenging times. I’m very fortunate to be part of an awesome team and to have many super cool and dedicated LEGO colleagues that also believe in child safety and support keeping the bar high and living up to the LEGO values.

These days are different in many ways. I wonder what will salute me when I open my mailbox… But together with my team I remain committed to keeping a safe digital environment to our role models, wherever they are in the world! Play at home and stay safe!

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I still remember my first week at the LEGO Group in Billund, in 1995; my first colleagues; the special atmosphere of being part of the LEGO® family. Most of the years I’ve been involved with our digital presence, and it’s very motivating to make a difference in the life of children out there enjoying our products. My three children and their friends have also enjoyed some fun LEGO moments, being presented with drafts and betas to gather insights for projects.

But my life is not all about LEGO bricks. My garden is my energy centre where I recharge mental batteries, go to mature ideas and solve challenges. Born and raised at the West Coast of Denmark, in the very flat pancake land, I’m very Scandinavian, but I’ve always enjoyed meeting other cultures and people.