Women in Digital Technology

This International Women’s Day we wanted to keep the conversation going on how we can help to support, uplift and celebrate our awesome women Behind the Bricks at the LEGO Group. Through March we kept the conversation going by hosting a series of events to celebrate the stories of our inspirational women and discuss topical issues.

For our first event we were joined by women in our Digital Technology team and discussed what the International Women’s Day theme of ‘Choose to Challenge’ means to them, and how they got to where they are. Here were a few of our standout moments:

Andrea Løvemærke - Prototype Developer, Billund

I definitely still have, and think about, imposter syndrome. It’s really great to be open about imposter syndrome, because I hear from a lot of young women in schools who reach out to me, and I always start by talking about my own insecurities, so that we’re both in the same shoes and they can relate. When people look from the outside, they only ever see the accomplishments, but at the LEGO Group we’re more than that, we’re people. And that’s why I think it’s so important to show the other side, that we are people, and we do doubt ourselves too.

Lara Llamas - Blanco Senior Solutions Architect, Billund

In Billund we have various female focused networks, and I actually network with some of the international groups too. One I’m really involved in and enjoy focuses on women across the LEGO Group, not just engineering. Put into small groups of 5, we decide what topics interest us that we can work on together. So I get to meet so many other inspiring women across the LEGO Group, not just in Digital. It gives you such a good perspective, and a chance to make a change.

Nupur Grover - Senior Application Engineer, London

There needs to be a lot of education around bias, because a lot of exclusion and non-diversity stems from bias. Everyone has their own opinions because of the way we grew up, our friends and so on. So one of the things I’d implement would be mandatory bias training for all employees, similar to how we do confidentiality training. It’s not just for leaders and managers, it’s important for the day-to-day people too. You need to be aware of the bias we all have, and how it can influence opinions.

Nicole Yip - Engineering Manager, London

Back in Australia when I first entered the IT field, everyone I worked with was male. They were great, and I personally have had very positive experiences. I found that the advice and mentoring I was receiving was all resonating with me, and it encouraged my curiosity, opening my eyes to much more in IT. I think the main thing for me is, no matter what gender your colleagues are, making sure everyone has the same opportunities, and these are shared across your own networks and theirs. That is the best thing you can do for someone else’s development, and receive as an Engineer.

At the LEGO Group, we believe that our people make us awesome. That’s why we’re always finding new ways to help support, elevate and encourage our employees. Discover what you can bring here.