LEGO logo Quick Guide to Privacy ==========================
A white LEGO base plate with a few blue bricks


Kids should understand personal information is similar to other personal belongings. You should not share it without permission. Personal information is anything that can be used to identify you. This includes your name, address, school, phone number, birthday, pictures, location, to name a few.

Instructions in how to build a LEGO safe building in blue and white


Start by making it a habit to ask your child for permission when taking or sharing photos of them. Then discuss what other information about them or others should be treated with the same respect.

A LEGO house in blue and white, password protected with security cameras


Kids often don’t know online platforms they visit have a minimum age requirement. So it’s worth keeping an open conversation with them about where they go online. Kids may unwittingly agree to personal information or posts used in ways that aren’t so private. You can help them strengthen their privacy.

  • Discuss how there are ways to change the settings in social media accounts to increase privacy
  • Talk to them about ways to limit who can see their posts and what details are shared
Two LEGO figures with speech bobbles above their heads

Try it

  • Show your kids there are privacy settings on social media, cookie settings and app settings
  • If your child has an account, help your child set their account to “private”