LEGO logo Quick Guide to Cyber Security ==========================
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You’re already aware and careful about threats like hacking, scams and malware. Talk to your kids about these risks to protect their personal data and devices. A great step to take with kids is to help kids master creating and caring for passwords.

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You can work out a strong password with your child. It should have at least 15 characters, numbers, symbols, along with lower and uppercase letters. But the longer the better! Try creating one using a phrase. Here’s an example:

  • Think of a phrase. Example, "waffles and pancakes," that's more than 15 characters
  • Mix upper and lower case: waFFlesandpancaKeS
  • Change letters to numbers & symbols: w@FFl3sandp4nc4K3S
A white and blue LEGO building with a vault


Talk to your kids about taking these steps to protect their password.

  • Don’t share your password
  • Change your password every six months
  • Don’t use the same password everywhere
  • Remember to log out
  • If someone figures out the password, let your kids know you’re there to help
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Try it

Ask your child if they remember when they last changed their password. If it’s been more than six months, it’s time to come up with a passphrase and create a new password.