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LEGO® Friends toy cars

The five LEGO® Friends girls from Heartlake City are no strangers to cool cars. From news or camper vans to convertibles, from beach buggies to custom go-karts, they can design, build and fix any car they need for their adventures!

We love Cars

The five LEGO® Friends girls have all the cool cars and vehicles they need for their creative missions. This year, they are participating in the Heartlake City go-kart race, and it’s going to be a blast! The new LEGO® friends sets are perfect for anyone who wants to have a go at making custom-made, personalized go-karts.


When they’re not building or racing go-karts, you can find the Friends on adventures on their snow scooters or snow resort off-roader, in camper vans, news van, mission van, art van, food vans, sports cars, beach buggies, and much more. You can find LEGO Friends vehicles that are full of gadgets like computers, robots, satellite dishes, kitchen equipment and walkie-talkies they can use on their missions.


Find the latest sets, or be inspired to build your own LEGO Friends cars here!