Man posing with a LEGO model of an airplane

Georg Schmitt

Based in France

When Georg was four years old, he received his first LEGO® set - the 6382 Fire Station - and from that time, he never stopped playing with LEGO bricks. Georg is still fascinated by the creativity and imagination that can come to life through LEGO bricks. With just a few LEGO elements, you are able to build many creative models.

Through time, Georg’s building skills have developed, and he has spent a lot of time showing his creations to children and adults. Every time, he is amazed to see the sparkles in their eyes when they see his creations. That is the reason why Georg started his own company in 2012, producing professional models made of LEGO bricks. His creations range from simple, small architecture buildings to life-size reproductions - the latest one being a 3.5 tonne tractor.