picture of a man infront of a big LEGO Set build

Björn Ramant

Based in Belgium

Björn only recently rediscovered LEGO in 2016. As stress relief for a demanding job as Software Architect, building sets soon evolved to designing own creations. Experimenting with the unlimited connectivity options of LEGO bricks sparks his creativity and sets his mind at ease. Replicating real-life objects in LEGO is one of his favorite pastimes.

Competing in LEGO Masters 2020 opened a new world of opportunities for challenging LEGO projects. Together with his LEGO Masters partner in crime, Corneel, he has built a highly accurate scale model of a super yacht, a replica of castle "Hof Ter Laken" and even made some Tips and Tricks for the LEGO Group. While perfecting his skills, he never stopped dreaming of making building with LEGO a true profession. Late 2021 he took the plunge and started his own part-time business, "The Pieces Fit". As a self-employed LEGO designer, Björn is now accepting commissions from all sorts of companies.

Joining the LCP Program is a real dream come true and he hopes to further inspire kids and adults by showing the infinite possibilities of LEGO bricks.

Website: www.thepiecesfit.be
Email: bjorn@thepiecesfit.be
Instagram: @b.ramant