Building family bonds

From their first day of employment, all LEGO® colleagues are offered extended paid parental leave, no matter their family constellation, how they identify, where they live, or what job role they hold.
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    For all parents

    Our mission is to develop and inspire the builders of tomorrow. We believe we can have a positive impact by supporting parents and caregivers to spend more time with their children at an important stage in their early childhood development. Our policy supports all colleagues from every aspect of the business and is available to all parents – including adoptive, fostering or other.*
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    From day one

    All LEGO colleagues are eligible for paid leave from their first day of work. Our policy covers 100% of their salary throughout the whole period. During their paid leave, parents will also receive merit increases, bonus and collect vacation days as they do when working.*
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    26 weeks of paid parental leave

    We offer 26 weeks of paid leave for the primary caregiver and 8 weeks for the secondary caregiver on full pay.* Parents decide who takes the role as the primary caregiver and we encourage all our colleagues to take their time to build a bond with their family.
*We adhere to local laws and regulations in our local markets. This global policy will be fully implemented, in all markets, by the end of 2022, as the minimum standard for paid parental leave at the LEGO Group. In countries where local/governmental policies offer a more generous leave, the local policies take precedence.
A group of LEGO employees together with their partners and babies

Having the opportunity to spend time with their new family is essential for all parents and caregivers. It takes time to establish routines, to get to know each other and to form strong bonds.

We believe all parents and caregivers should have this opportunity no matter what their role is or where in the world they work. We want to make sure that while giving their children the best start in life, our colleagues do not have to worry about their job security or salary. With our parental leave policy we can contribute to creating a fully inclusive and diverse workplace with equal opportunities. It not only shapes the future of the society we operate in, but also the present for all parents at the LEGO Group and their children.

We’ve asked our colleagues Amanda, Mark, April, Ali, Madeleine and Carolina to share their experiences of the extended parental leave and how it made a difference to them and their families.

Two women sitting with their children, a baby girl and a toddler boy

Time to build a family

In the state of Texas where April and Casey live, there’s no paid leave from the state, so getting the new parental leave has been crucial to giving April time to bond with both of her children. It also helped her get into the right mental state to return to work, knowing that she’d set up the foundations of a family routine while she was off.
Man and a woman sitting in a stair with their baby girl, all wearing Christmas pajamas

Seeing my daughter’s first smile

Mark hadn’t thought about being the primary caregiver until the extended parental leave policy made it possible. He believes more dads should embrace that role and experience the bonds that form when spending dedicated time with your child.
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Being there when it matters the most

When our loved ones need immediate care, become ill or injured, we want to be able to take care of them. To support our colleagues during these important times we’ve introduced a global caregiver leave policy which allows all our colleagues up to 4 weeks of paid leave to take care of their loved ones when they need them the most.
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How children inspire our work culture

Children are our role models, and we look to them as a constant source of inspiration. They’re curious, creative and imaginative. Our purpose and values help create a culture of fairness, trust and mutual respect that make working at the LEGO Group a truly rewarding experience.
A child playing with caregivers

To support children, we need to support parents

In the first few years of a child’s life, their brain develops faster than it ever will again. By playing together right from the start, parents and caregivers give little ones fuel for all that learning and growing. And through that play they establish loving, nurturing bonds that help children grow up to be happier, healthier adults.

That’s why The LEGO Foundation funds parenting programmes around the world and promote playful parenting.