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Ninjago Quiz -

Sky Pirate Slang

  • Flintlocke asks if you want to be involved in “the sweet trade.” What does he mean?

  • Correct! You’re welcomed aboard to indulge in the “sweet trade” of piracy.

  • You head out “on the account in search of a swagger”…what are you doing?

  • Correct! Going “on the account” is to set sail as a pirate. A “swagger” is a likely ship to rob!

  • Dogshank says, “Oy, sprog. You be getting to the galley to put some grub in ya gullet, smartly.” What has she said?

  • Right. It was dinner time…

  • You’re listening to the others talk…what do all these words mean? Avast. Belay. Heave to. Moor. Becalmed.

  • Right. “Avast” is an exclamation, meaning “stop!” To “belay” something is to stop it or tie something down. “To heave to” is to stop a ship moving and to “moor” it is to drop anchor or tie it to the shore. To be becalmed is to have no wind to sail by!

  • The Sky Pirates are talking about treasure! But which of these words is the odd word out?

  • Yes, booty and loot both mean treasure or money, but a coffer is the chest where the treasure is kept.

  • You overhear a pirate say that something is on the “poop deck”…where is it?

  • Right! The Poop Deck is the very top deck in the stern, or back of the ship. Misfortune’s Keep doesn’t really have a Poop Deck, just a bit of the top deck where Nadakhan sits. Force of habit I guess!

  • The Sky Pirates are fighting amongst themselves! One of them calls the other a “hornswoggler”…what does he mean?

  • Correct. To “hornswoggle” is to deceive, dupe or trick someone. Sounds like there’s trouble on Misfortune’s Keep!

  • Flintlocke calls out to the crew to “batten down the hatches”…what instruction has he given?

  • Correct. To “batten down the hatches” meant close all watertight doors and lock them by sliding a stick into the latch. It came to mean, “prepare for a storm” and “get ready for trouble”!