Play it safe

We are committed to providing products that live up to the strictest global requirements – it’s something we never compromise. Throughout the LEGO Group’s history, consumers have trusted us to provide safe, high-quality products that meet or surpass the most rigorous international safety regulations and standards for toys.
A small child chewing on a duplo brick
Our products meet, and often exceed, toy safety requirements globally, including the EU Toy Safety Directive and the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. Any new material we use is only approved after a rigorous safety assessment based on the highest standards. We apply a very strict mechanical safety approval process for every new element, simulating things like children biting, dropping, and stepping on LEGO elements to ensure they don’t break. We also conduct strict chemical safety assessments.

The details behind our world-class product safety

  • LEGO minifigure of a scientist

    Stringent safety assessments

    We screen scientific research and legislation for updates and approve only the safest raw materials.
  • LEGO minifigure of a scientist

    Testing new LEGO® elements and products

    We send individual LEGO elements and the entire model through various chemical, physical, electrical, hygiene and flammability safety assessments and tests.
  • A small pile of LEGO bricks

    Producing LEGO® elements

    Throughout production, we conduct tests to check the quality and safety of LEGO elements.
  • children reaching for LEGO bricks from a large pile

    Interacting with stakeholders

    We continuously interact with children and parents to get their feedback on their play experiences.
A child playing with a blue LEGO motorcycle
We gather learnings and scientific developments from institutions and industry associations. For decades, the LEGO Group has held the chairs in the European (CEN) and International (ISO) Toy Safety Standardization Committees. We also play important roles in the ASTM International Toy Safety Committee in the USA, the Chinese National Technical Committee of Standardisation for Toys, and several other national standardization committees, through which we contribute to ensuring high toy safety standards.