BrickHeadz Builder, a new and joyfully stimulating augmented reality play experience invites children and fans of all ages to build with digital LEGO bricks and bring their own LEGO® BrickHeadz™ characters to life.

The new app sparks children’s creativity and enables them to personalize their digital LEGO BrickHeadz characters, by guiding them through the steps of creative play, from the beginner stage to the free builder.

Sean McEvoy, VP, Digital Games and Apps at the LEGO Group said:

“We are constantly looking at fun ways to enhance the physical LEGO play experience by blending it with digital LEGO play. The new app is a miniature augmented reality creative ‘sandbox’ that aims to introduce children to various steps of creative play, by adding layers of digital creativity, mixed with assisted building and cleverly constrained limits, which allows children to discover digital building and personalize their builds.”

In the app and you’ll discover LEGO BrickHeadz characters and objects, by solving the play formulas in the ‘Magic Book’. You can explore the building experience with virtual LEGO models, and play with fun and unique LEGO BrickHeadz characters, changing their looks and behaviors.

“We hope this new digital experience will inspire children to continue exploring their creativity and imagination in the physical brick world, where building possibilities are endless,” said Sean McEvoy.


In the app, children can enjoy features such as:
• A new creative digital LEGO play experience
• Designing your own LEGO BrickHeadz characters and bringing them to life
• Unlocking new characters and items by playing with your creations
• Build existing models and free build with virtual LEGO bricks

LEGO BrickHeadz Builder AR is an Android-only experience, is free and offers no in-app purchases.

Part of the LEGO Group’s digital play experiences involving augmented reality is also the LEGO AR-Studio™ an iOS-based app leveraging the AR kit, released in December 2017.

Note to editors:

The app can run on the following phones, qualified Android phones running Android 7.0 (Nougat) and later:

• Asus Zenfone AR
• LG V30

Requires Android 8.0 or higher:

• LG V30+
• LG G6
• LG G7
• Google Pixel 2
• Google Pixel 2 XL
• Google Pixel
• Google Pixel XL
• OnePlus 5
• Samsung Galaxy S9
• Samsung Galaxy S9+
• Samsung Galaxy Note8
• Samsung Galaxy S8+
• Samsung Galaxy S8
• Samsung Galaxy S7
• Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge