Renewable materials

LEGO® minifigure in costume wearing plant-based LEGO accessories

A renewable resource does not run out because it is (or can be) naturally replaced – like wind, trees and plants. We refer to these materials as renewable, plant-based or bio-based.

Side view of green LEGO® botanical elements

In 2018, we started making LEGO® elements from bio-polyethylene (bio-PE) – a soft, durable and flexible plastic derived from Brazilian sugarcane. Because we want our products to be durable and safe for generations of children, this plant-based plastic is not biodegradable (or edible!)

It seemed only natural to make botanical-themed elements first, so we made leaves, bushes and trees – plants from plants! We’ve since expanded the range and now make more than 200 of our LEGO elements from bio-PE, including many of our LEGO minifigure accessories.

LEGO® minifigure opening drawer full of plant-based LEGO elements

In fact, about half of all LEGO sets are designed to contain at least one of these plant-based elements.

Globe made from LEGO® bricks

We make sure that the sugarcane used to make LEGO elements grows at the same rate as we use it, is sourced sustainably using guidance from our partner WWF and doesn’t compromise food security. To address this, we source Brazilian sugarcane that is certified by the Bonsucro Chain of Custody standard for responsible sources.