Technic Pneumatics 2.0

Join Markus at his desk and learn more about the features of the new Technic Pneumatics.
What’s new about the Technic Pneumatics system this year? As you know, we never make new elements just because we like making new stuff. We do it when we can see an opportunity to make more realistic functions, improve stability, and above all: an even greater build & play experience. 

That’s why I’m excited to have these new elements working for us! If you haven’t seen them already, here’s a quick introduction to the four most important new features:

1. The BIG cylinder
This new cylinder has a stroke that’s twice as long as the old version. As our models get bigger, we want to make sure their functions live up to the standard. This cylinder lets you build lifting and tipping functions that support more weight

We have remodeled the back with a new 1-module Technic interface, so now you have a lot more options for connecting it to almost any Technic element. 

The connector has been upgraded as well to make it easier for you to attach the pneumatic hoses.

2. The slim-line cylinder
This slimmer cylinder is the width of a 1-module element. It works really well with the linear elements and will definitely give your model a real-life look and feel.

3. The little brother 
Whether you want to build in lots of small, detailed functions into a big model, or use it to build a cool pneumatics function into a small model, the small cylinder is your go-to guy. It has a two-module stroke, and the improved connector makes it easy to build with.

4. Improved hoses
No pneumatics system without hoses! This year’s collection comes in black, grey and blue. No, seriously, the main improvement here is that they’re much more flexible than earlier generations. That makes them easy to fit into a narrow chassis and attach to cylinders and valves.

Well, those were the WHATs of the new system. If you want to see HOW we put the new pneumatics to work, watch the 42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 designer video!

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