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LEGO® Serious Play

Build your way to better business – a powerful tool designed to enhance innovation and business performance

Searching for a trained facilitator

The LEGO Group strongly recommends the use of trained facilitators. Therefore, if you are a client looking for an experienced LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator to run a workshop, we encourage you to search the Internet for LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitators within your country or search online community platforms.

When you have identified the facilitator, you feel match your requirements, we suggest you check that the facilitator is trained and is an experienced LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator.

Becoming a facilitator

If you are interested in becoming a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator, we encourage you to get facilitator training. When searching LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® community sites, we encourage you to carefully read their materials and search for references.

There are two different directions: facilitators training in the original method and facilitators training in an expanded version of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, developed by a group of community members.