How to add LEGO building fun to any birthday party

How to add LEGO building fun to any birthday party

How do you throw a LEGO themed birthday party for your child that will go down in history and redefine birthday party conventions as we know them?

The secret is, as long as you, the family and friends are there, your child will always have the best birthday ever. All you need to do is add just a few bricks to the mix, and your guests’ imagination will take care of the rest.

Party games? A simple building challenge with just 20 bricks can go a long way. Decorations? Let guests build them. And rebuild over and over.

If you need inspiration, take the quick quiz, and download fun and easy building themes and activities for your next party.


  1. What does your child like to play with?
    1. Cars and other vehicles
    2. Farm fun themes
    3. Stuffed toys and playhouses
    4. Boxes, sticks, tape and glue

  2. On a rainy day, where can you find your child?
    1. Playing in puddles
    2. Making blanket forts
    3. Drawing pictures
    4. Asking where the rain is coming from

  3. What excites your child the most?
    1. Sports
    2. A fun game or TV show
    3. Singing and playing music
    4. Checking how things work

  4. How does your child like to play with LEGO?
    1. Making things as big or tall as possible
    2. Mostly with friends
    3. Free-building to see what happens
    4. Building props for stories

  5. How do your child and his or her friends like to play together?
    1. Fun competitions
    2. House
    3. Dress-up adventures
    4. Build crazy inventions

How many of each answer did you get? See your results, and download your party kit!

Mostly A answers: Pit Stop Party

Have a car building race! Build big, small, real life, fictional, creative cars for a fun race. You could even build a trophy for the winner.

Mostly B answers: ZOO party

Have a ZOO-per party with amazing animals. Build cute animal friends, nests, houses or pet toys for fun zoo or farm role play.

Mostly C answers: Crazy costume party

Lift the curtain for a theater dress-up party. Build photo booth/play props and story characters to go with the guests’ costumes: tiaras, treasure chests or friendly ghosts!

Mostly D answers: Tech and robots party

Host a high tech happening! Your child and guests can build brick versions of their favorite gadgets, musical instruments, robots or rockets!