Kathrine Kirk Muff at LEGO® House

There are many entities that make up the LEGO® ecosystem. Over the coming months, we’ll be exploring these through the eyes of the people who work in them. First up, is LEGO House. Kathrine Kirk Muff is the Managing Director but her LEGO journey began over 15 years ago. She’s taken some time out to tell us what’s made it so special.

“LEGO House is our brand lighthouse. Its whole purpose is to create the ultimate LEGO experience. That means inspiring fans of all ages to find new ways to use the LEGO brick. You could say it’s the physical manifestation of our brand. As such, it plays a key role in building long-lasting relationships, both with visitors and those who engage online.

Kathrine Kirk Muff

“My current role is very different to any other I’ve had, so I learn so much from working here. The leadership challenge is very different. As well as operating a location-based attraction which welcomes thousands of guests every day, we are constantly having to evolve and keep pace to represent the best of the LEGO brand and be a pinnacle LEGO experience.

“For me, it’s an enormous privilege. I also get to work with Generation Z colleagues and, soon those from Generation Alpha. They’re awesome. They have such an appetite for life and so much positive energy. They are amazing play agents and ambassadors for our brand and our guests always call out an interaction with our play agents as part of their feedback. I love seeing our play agents engage in LEGO play with families from all over world. It truly brings our mission to life.

Kathrine Kirk Muff

“If I have a tough day, I literally take a tour of the house and watch families across generations play. I see how they immerse themselves into LEGO play and it always makes me smile. Some build something new. Others create stop motion videos. There is so much to do and endless ways to be inspired and use the LEGO brick.

“My journey in the LEGO ecosystem has been amazing. I joined more than 15 years ago as a Corporate Counsel in KIRKBI. I had no idea where the LEGO journey would take me but from the very beginning, I had an ambition to try people leadership. Next, I realised that ambition by heading up HR Denmark and Nordic Benelux. Every role brought me something new that I loved. I then had the opportunity to work for the owner family, being the Personal Assistant to Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen and building up their Family Office. I was very involved in the two foundations Ole Kirks Foundation and the LEGO Foundation, and at this point I was also involved in the development of LEGO House.

“From there I moved back to the LEGO Group to grow the Social Responsibility area as part of our Sustainability agenda. Finally, in August 2022 I was excited to take on this opportunity to lead LEGO House in its next phase.

Kathrine Kirk Muff

“Our values have always guided me as a leader and employee. In my current role, there is an emphasis on ‘quality’. Being a brand lighthouse means creating world-class experiences for our fans. The human interaction with our guests is key – and we need to deliver the best quality in each of those interactions whether it’s facilitating play, a phone call, an email, or someone asking for guidance.

“I’ve never planned my career. I simply promised myself that I would always be in a role that I found fulfilling, challenging and fun. Looking back, I guess I have always felt that I was in a playground with thousands of great playmates – colleagues from around the world. I felt safe to explore new things because of great leadership from my respective managers and sponsors. I never thought about it as working for different entities. All along, I felt I served the shared LEGO mission and brand.

Just imagine being part of a company – a mission – where we all work to unlock children’s full potential through play."

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