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The LEGO Group History

The educational products department changes its name to LEGO Dacta. The word "dacta" derives from the Greek word "didactic", meaning "the study of the purpose, means and substance of learning and the learning process".
Dr. Seymour Papert becomes LEGO Professor of Learning Research.
The first LEGO Dacta Centre opens in LEGOLAND (renamed TECHNIC LAND after a couple of years). 
Ole Kirk Kristiansen is inducted into the Toy Industry Hall of Fame.

Selected Product News 1989
The Pirate line
World People (LEGO Dacta)

Kornmarken moulding plant 19881988
Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen introduces the LEGO Group vision.
Kornmarken factory opens.
The first official LEGO World Cup building championships are held in Billund in August.
LEGO Canada is established.
The exhibition "The Art of LEGO" tours the United Kingdom.

Selected Product News 1988
DUPLO Circus
Forest People
Black Star
LEGO clothing

The brick logo is developed.
Almost 6,000 employees.
LEGO Products are now selling in 115 markets.
The LEGO office in South Africa is closed.
Korean Mountaineer Young-Hu buries a small LEGO model on top of Mount Everst in the Himalayas.
LEGO Historical Collection (aka LEGO Idea House) which was founded in 1980, becomes an independent unit under KIRKBI A/S. Transfers to LEGO A/S in 1991.

Selected Product News 1987
DUPLO and LEGO buckets
Playboard (DUPLO Baby)

The LEGO Group is granted the title "Purveyor to Her Majesty the Queen" on 16 April (the Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe of Denmark).
Godfred Kirk Christiansen resigns as chairman of the board of LEGO System A/S and LEGO Overseas and Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen takes over.
LEGO Fiction becomes LEGO Publishing.

LEGO Technic 1986Selected Product News 1986
The DUPLO Family (dog included)
The Technic figure
Light and Sound
Technic Computer Control (educational)

The LEGO Prize is founded in April. It is an international annual award of DKK 750,000 (increased in 1989 to DKK 1,000,000) for exceptional efforts on behalf of children.
Procurement department established in Korea.
Approx. 5000 employees, 3000 of these in Billund.
Collaboration with Professor Seymour Papert and the Boston M.I.T. begins.

Selected Product News 1985
LEGO Technic Control (educational)
New range of LEGO trains

LEGO Brazil is established.
LEGO Korea is established.
McDonald’s co-promotion in USA and Canada.
The American, Hong Kong produced, TYCO Brick is launched, leading to lawsuits in several countries.

Fabuland figuresSelected Product News 1984
The LEGOLAND Castle Series
Clive Crocodile (FABULAND)

3700 employees worldwide.
LEGO Overseas holds its first World Distributor Conference in Billund.

Selected Product News 1983
DUPLO Baby series (incl. six rattles)
Big DUPLO figures with movable arms and legs

LEGO South Africa is established.
The LEGO Fiction department established.
The LEGO Group celebrates its 50-years jubilee with all employees in Billund.
The Book “50 years of Play” is launched.

Selected Product News 1982
DUPLO Mosaic (educational)
Technic I (educational)

First LEGO World Show in Denmark.
There is now a LEGO Strasse in Hohenwestedt, Germany.
A new plant for decorating, assembly, packing and warehousing opens in Baar, Switzerland. Closes in 2001.
The Scala Line, which is introduced in 1979, is cancelled.

Selected Product News 1981
Edward Elephant (FABULAND)
Educational programme (22 boxes)

The Educational Products Department is established.
Technic Logo is developed by Papermint.
According to a survey, 70% of all Western European families with kids under 14 now have LEGO bricks in their home.

Selected Product News 1980
DUPLO pull-along and rocking toys for toddlers
DUPLO sound element