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The LEGO Group History

LEGO Duplo1969

The DUPLO series for under-fives is launched internationally.

843 employees in Billund.

The first LEGOLAND film.

LEGO car tyres are now made of PVC.

Selected Product News 1969

The 12-volt motor joins the Train series

The DUPLO® Brick (after being test-marketed in Sweden in 1968)


LEGOLAND® Billund opens its gates on 7th June and attracts 625,000 visitors in its first season, 3000 on the opening day.

The first computer in LEGO Group - an NCR 390 for salary administration. The machine costs DKK 85,000.

First sales to Latin America: Peru and Curacao.

Selected Product News 1968

Automatic Direction ChangerLEGOLAND 1960s

Jeep (designed by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen)


The LEGOLAND Band is established.

There are now 218 different LEGO elements (not counting colour variations) and between 18 and 19 million LEGO sets are sold during the year.

The small wheel for small cars is invented – launches in 1970.

Selected Product News 1967


Motorised Truck Set


The product range comprises 57 sets and 25 vehicles. A total of 706 million LEGO elements are produced during the year.

LEGO is now sold in 42 countries.

Selected Product News 1966

The battery-driven LEGO Train

LEGO train 1966Light Brick with wire and light


First sales in Spain.

More than 600 employees in Billund.

Selected product News 1965


Doll Furniture Set


Model sets, complete with building instructions, are launched as a natural addition to existing Basic and Supplementary sets.

First sales to the Middle East (Lebanon).

LEGO bricks are exhibited at the Danish pavilion at the New York World Fair.

Production plant LEGO Werkzeugbau GmbH in Hohenwehenstedt, Germany opens.

Selected Product News 1964

LEGO Model cars

Jumbo bricks (produced by Samsonite in the USA)


Godtfred Kirk Christiansen presents the company to the ten product characteristics:

  1. Unlimited play potential
  2. For girls and for boys
  3. Fun for every age
  4. Year-round play
  5. Healthy, quiet play
  6. Long hours of play
  7. Development, imagination, creativity
  8. The more LEGO, the greater the value
  9. Extra sets available
  10. Quality in every detail

LEGO Elements are now moulded in ABS, a plastic which improves the clutch power.

LEGO Austria is established.

Procurement department established.

INTERLEGO AG is established in Switzerland.

Billund Airport opens.

The first international company film, "Mr. Johnson from Australia", is produced.

Selected Product News 1963

Large & Small Wheels & Turn-table


The LEGO Wheel is launched after being worked on since 1958.

Sales start in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Morocco and Japan.

LEGO Australia is established.

The first personnel manager hired.

Selected Product News 1962

The LEGO Wheel

The Measurement line (Launched in Denmark in 1963)


The range comprises 50 sets, 15 vehicles and various loose elements.

Sales start in the US and Canada via a license agreement with Samsonite Corp.

First ever strike at LEGO.

LEGO Italy is established.

LEGO production 1961Godtfred Kirk Christiansen buys a small Piper Apache plane (room for two pilots and three passengers) in association with Sonderjyllands Flyselskab (later to become Cimber Air). A landing field is established just outside Billund.

Selected Product News 1961

Big Town Set

Terapi I, II and III (pre-school products)


The wooden toy warehouse is destroyed by fire. Production of wooden toys is discontinued entirely.

Approximately 450 employees in Billund.

LEGO Finland and LEGO Nederland are established.

Selected Product News 1960

Number Bricks

Cardboard Town Plan