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The LEGO Group History

Futura, the product-development department, now has five members of staff.
A market analysis department is established.
Photography department is established.
LEGO France, British LEGO Ltd., LEGO Belgium and LEGO Sweden are established.

The machines in the production are now so automatic that one operator can handle two machines at a time.
LEGO gives the municipality of Billund approx. 20 acres of land and DKK 50,000 for a sports ground.

Selected Product News 1959
Bilo-fix (wood + plastic)

LEGO patent document1958
The current LEGO stud-and-tube coupling system is patented. The new coupling principle makes models much more stable.
Ole Kirk Kristiansen passes away and Godtfred Kirk Christiansen becomes head of the company.
The first telex machine and photocopier in Billund.
140 employees in Billund.

Selected Product News 1958
Sloping (roof tile) bricks
Letter Bricks

Godtfred Kirk Christiansen is appointed Managing Director.
The LEGO Brick’s interlocking principle is invented.
LEGO Schweiz is established.
The LEGO Group celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Selected Product News 1957
International and Danish flags
A LEGO brick with light inside

The first foreign sales company is established in Hohenwestedt, Germany under the name LEGO Spielwaren GmbH.
The company buys its first own truck.

Selected Product News 1956
Bicyclists and motorcyclists (little plastic figures)

After further developing the LEGO Bricks, the company launches the revolutionary "LEGO System of Play" – creating an new play platform.
The first real export of LEGO begins. First country is Sweden.
Godtfred Kirk Christiansen demonstrates the new product at a toy fair in Nuremberg, Germany. Reactions are not positive.

Selected Product News 1955
LEGO System of Play: 28 sets and 8 vehicles plus supplementary elements

The word LEGO is officially registered in Denmark on 1st May.
Godtfred Kirk Christiansen travels to England and meets a purchasing agent on the ferry. They talk about toys. The agent thinks that toys lack idea and system. This spawns the LEGO System idea in the mind of Godtfred Kirk Christiansen.

Selected Product News 1954
The Beam brick
LEGO windows and doors

Early version of LEGO bricks1953
The Automatic Binding Bricks get a new name: "LEGO Mursten" ("LEGO Bricks").
The name LEGO is printed inside all bricks.
The first application for registration of the trademark. The Danish registration is accepted on the 1 May 1954.

Selected Product News 1953
“Gift Boxes” containing a plastic Chevrolet building car
Plastic ambulance

Ole Kirk's plans to expand, and a plant is built. It costs DKK 350,000.
The company now has its first canteen.

Selected Product News 1952
Big plastic and wooden cars

The first ever film about LEGO is shot. The photographer is Christian Lund, and the film is black and white with no sound.
Plastic toys account for half of the company's output.

LEGO tractorSelected Product News 1951
The building base with 10 x 20 studs
The plastic tractor (Ferguson) – both as a building set and as a finished model

Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, son of the founder, Ole Kirk Kristiansen, is appointed Junior Vice President the day he turns 30.

Selected Product News 1950
Three sets containing plastic bricks aimed at Kindergardens