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LEGO® | Disney Princess™ toys… Princesses with added magic

She’s confident. She’s powerful. She’s kind. Her BFF is a dragon. A Disney Princess can be all these things and many more. Princesses can be anyone, come from anywhere and do anything, which is why our LEGO® | Disney Princess™ construction sets are as creative and versatile as our heroes in tiaras deserve.

LEGO | Disney Princess sets… with a twist

We know that being a princess requires a strong will, a kind heart and a sharp mind. They don’t need to be saved or rescued; they are perfectly capable of doing that themselves, thank you very much! And if they go about their business in a beautiful gown, riding an awesome carriage, then all power to them! The sets we make for these modern-day princesses are not delicate or designed to be locked away. They are robust, durable, built for fairy tale endings, and made to be played with and rebuilt time and time again. These are not our grandparents’ princesses. These are the heroes of today and tomorrow.

LEGO | Disney Princess toys by age

Discover Disney Princess toys that make the perfect gift for princesses of all ages. After all, being a princess isn’t exactly something you grow out of…

  • LEGO | Disney Princess gifts for 4 year olds and above

    As they sharpen their storytelling abilities, give your princesses the opportunity to play out their own narratives. Discover Disney Princess sets from across Disney’s magical range of classic and modern princess stories!
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LEGO | Disney Princess toys by type

Anyone can be a princess. And anyone can play with princess toys. That’s why we’ve got as wide a range of Disney Princess sets as possible, to make sure there’s magic enough for everyone!

  • LEGO® | Disney Beauty and the Beast construction/buildable toys

    Magic and mystery await Disney’s Beauty and the Beast fans. Re-enact this wonderful story of love, spells and magic with the Beauty and the Beast toys.
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Princess gift ideas for all occasions

Princesses don’t need occasions to get presents… but it helps. Gift creativity and storytelling potential to your daughters, sons, grandchildren… whoever needs a bit of princess power in their life!

Birthday-themed princess gift ideas

So, your princess has another birthday. Presumably, this means you are organizing the customary ball? We should think so, too. These gift ideas will be the perfect addition to their royal highness’ special day…

Back to school princess gift ideas

Help them get ready to rule over yet another school year, as only a princess can.

Treats and rewards for princesses

There are plenty of everyday princess accomplishments that deserve recognition. Slaying another dragon, defeating dark magic, rescuing yet another talking animal (where are you going to keep this one?) … Reward them how a princess deserves, with these cute gift ideas!

Download Belle building instructions

Download our Belle building instructions and create your own fearless princess.

Most Popular LEGO® | Disney Toys

Browse through our best-selling princess sets to help you find out which of our many (many) Disney Princess toys your little one will love the most!

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