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The Top 8 LEGO® Wild Animal Toys For Kids

Regal lions, giant giraffes and adorable pandas all run amok when playtime is packed with the very best in wild animal toys.

Help your children sink their teeth into some wild new adventures from safaris to volcano rescues, with everything from rabbits and penguins to leopards and whales just waiting to help your young one’s imagination roam free.

LEGO® DUPLO® – World Animals

Les animaux du monde

Price129.99 CAD
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Take your toddler on a journey into a world of animals and new places with this globe-trotting toy set.

Start with a safari across the African savannah, where you can take pictures of lions and giraffes with the camera accessory, then spot rabbits and squirrels from the canoe as you explore the woodland river.

Lift off with the airplane to visit Antarctica and meet the penguins and whales, or take the surf van to a tropical beach to set up with a spade and watch the fish go by.

There are so many adventures to have and locations to explore – this animal toy set is sure to feel like a whole holiday!

LEGO Classic – Bricks and Animals

Briques et animaux

Price79.99 CAD
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Want to whip up a whole zoo of animal toys? This LEGO brick set comes equipped with 1500 bricks, including eye pieces, leaves and more, so you can build anything you put your mind to.

With all sorts of shapes, you can make completely unique creations, or you can follow the easy instructions to make ten different animals right out of the box, including a peacock, a bull, a penguin, a dinosaur, a unicorn, an ostrich, a hippo, a panda or a giraffe – all with their own accessories!

LEGO® Creator – Wild Lion

Le lion sauvage

Price19.99 CAD
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The king of the jungle is now available for playtimes everywhere. With its posable tail, legs, head and jaw, and a rack of ribs for it to chew down on, this wild animal is sure to be a roaring success with the whole family.

What’s that swooping in after the lion’s done? The set comes with a vulture to pick the ribs clean and inspire new fun stories.

If the lion’s too scary for your latest playtime, take advantage of the three-in-one build and turn it into a posable ostrich or warthog instead – or use a growing young imagination to completely reinvent the set into a whole new animal!

LEGO® Creator – Safari Wildlife Treehouse

La cabane dans l’arbre du safari

Average rating5out of 5 stars
Price39.99 CAD

Take playtime on a tour of the African savanna when you roleplay a safari adventure with the boy and girl minifigures and camera accessory.

Rest up in the balcony accessible by ladder, with a couch to relax in, an interior to play in and three brick-built animals: a posable giraffe, a flamingo and a hornbill.

Keep finding new creatures to snap by rebuilding this three-in-one set. Once you’re done with the treehouse, take it apart and build a biplane perfect for swooping low over a lion, or build it into a catamaran to come face to face with a crocodile!

LEGO® Friends – Baby Elephant Jungle Rescue

Le sauvetage du bébé éléphant

Price24.99 CAD
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LEGO Friends to the rescue! Introduce your children to a world of adventure with Emma and Stephanie as they set out into the swamp to save a trapped baby elephant.

These animal rescue toys will help build a sense of emotional intelligence in children aged six and up as they play with the two minifigures and their purple tow truck.

Animal and vehicle lovers alike will have a great time driving to the drama in the toy truck and using the spade accessory to dig the animal out. Then use the hook to pull the elephant free, pop it in the trailer, and hitch it up to the truck before driving away again to safety!

LEGO® DOTS – Bag Tag Leopard

Porte-clés léopard

Price8.99 CAD

If your children love expressing themselves and also love animals, the Bag Tag Leopard is the best of both worlds.

Shaped like a small cube, kids can attach different tiles in yellow, blue, purple and lilac colors to make a completely unique design.

Once the masterpiece is done, use the silicone ring to attach it to a bag to show everyone!

This leopard can change its spots: swap out the leopard’s expressions and design with ideas from the toy packaging and a variety of different tiles, or take the creativity to the next level by adding in other DOTS sets to enhance the options available!

LEGO® Friends – Alpaca Mountain Jungle Rescue

Le sauvetage des alpagas en montagne

Price79.99 CAD
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When a volcano explodes during playtime, LEGO Friends Stephanie and Mia are on the case of saving the alpacas from the mountain jungle.

Take to the helicopter to airlift the furry friends out and back to safety at the toy cabin, or explore the mountain caves to unearth natural treasures!

Use the animal rescue kit, walkie talkie, flashlight and magnifying glass to help track down where the alpacas are stuck before they get in real trouble.

But these animal rescue toys are made for more than rescuing – once everyone’s safe, it’s time to explore and find the cute bat and bird figures too!

LEGO® Minecraft™ – The Panda Nursery

La garderie des pandas

Average rating4.5out of 5 stars
Price24.99 CAD
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Bring the popular Minecraft experience into the real world with this authentic panda animal toy set for ages seven and up.

Look after the baby panda in the wild, then prepare the nursery building and rooftop bed for it to sleep in, and feed the baby and adult panda with Alex’s toy cake!

The set comes with lots of bamboo for the pandas to nibble on, as well as the Alex minifigure and an ocelot that’s come to visit (or come looking for the toy fish in the water…)

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