Meet Hand Solo – the fan who built a LEGO prosthetic arm!

David Aguilar from Spain was just 9 years old when he rebuilt a LEGO ship into a little prosthetic for his arm. The first thing David tells you when you meet him is that he didn’t survive a shark attack – he was simply born with a short right arm. David’s everyday life as a child was overcoming challenges. Trying to cut his food, tying his shoes – normal activities were new territory he had to try by himself. That’s how he got into a habit of never giving up. His word of advice for other LEGO fans? “Just build. Don’t feel pressure to make it look cool. It’s not because I am a super smart guy that I made this prosthetic, it’s because I practiced a lot. That’s what you need to overcome challenges: practice a lot.” Fast forward 10 years and David has become “Hand Solo”. He has built four prosthetics, all with different functions, some even robotic and battery-driven. How would Hand Solo Rebuild The World? “I would build our minds out of LEGO bricks. They’re colourful and they help us think of everyday solutions.”

Trop bien !