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Three Partners In Play

Three Partners In Play

Having joined forces in 2015, the LEGO Group, the LEGO Foundation, and UNICEF built on their collaboration to become Partners In Play in 2016.

It’s a natural union for three groups committed to giving children the best possible start in life.

LEGO Family UNICEF campaign

A history of helping

Dating back to 1946, UNICEF was created by the United Nations in direct response to the poverty children faced following the end of World War II. It has gone on to collaborate with governments and other partners to design and implement programs that promote the rights and well-being of every child. Its early childhood development interventions have shown how action taken in the early years, when the brain is rapidly developing, can break the cycles of inequality, and provide a fairer start for children.

On a quest to change how people think about “learning through play”, the LEGO Foundation works alongside parents, carers, schools, and governments to ensure that children become creative and engaged lifelong learners.

The LEGO Group has been inspiring children since 1932. It is committed to producing high-quality, safe toys, while also caring for the environment and the society that children will inherit. 

LEGO Family UNICEF campaign

A shared belief

All children have a basic right to play. Besides being a fundamental aspect of children’s learning and development, play is an important psychosocial tool.

Today’s challenge

Children living in conflict, such as Syrian refugee children in Jordan, have limited opportunities to play. Instead, their childhoods have been profoundly disrupted by violence, fear, and displacement. 

The LEGO Group, the LEGO Foundation, and UNICEF join forces to bring play to these children, helping them to re-establish routines, a sense of normality, and to build resilience. 

LEGO Family UNICEF campaign

Become a Partner In Play

In 2016, the LEGO Group, the LEGO Foundation, and UNICEF are collaborating to bring LEGO® DUPLO® bricks to vulnerable children in Jordan, enhancing their opportunities for play.

It’s easy to show your support and help celebrate the importance of play. Just share a picture or video of your family’s happy play moment using the hashtag #PartnersInPlay on Twitter, Instagram, or the LEGO DUPLO Facebook page.

You can also discover more about the LEGO Group, the LEGO Foundation, UNICEF, the partnership, or how 2015’s Tower Of Imagination campaign brought happy play moments to children in South Africa.

LEGO Family UNICEF campaign

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