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A simply stunning way to teach colors

A simply stunning way to teach colors

When it comes to physical appearance, parrots lucked out. Beautifully vivid, they are remarkable – like flying rainbows. Some call parrots show-offs, but we call them a one-stop shop for teaching your little one colors. 

Learning colors is trickier than it looks, yet this LEGO® DUPLO® DIY parrot can help your little one to see and say a whole spectrum’s worth. It’s a tool for younger preschoolers to learn primary and initial colors, and then to identify more specific shades and tints as they get older. Delve a little deeper and explain the reason why parrots are so bright: for camouflaging themselves in the multicolored tropics. 

Parrots are also an obvious way to expand vocabulary. Try this game; let’s call it Parrot Patter. Pretend to be the parrot’s voice and ask your little one to copy whatever the parrot says. Mimicking noises is the way children learn to speak and, funnily enough, it’s the exact same way parrots learn to speak too.

Of course, your little one’s parrot doesn’t have to match ours exactly. Don’t be surprised if your child builds a parrot exclusively in one color – a strong preference is typical in the early years. Either way, we’d love to see your pictures, so help us make a menagerie of LEGO DUPLO birds by sharing on our Facebook page.